Friday, December 29, 2006

I'm 20/20

I got it done. Yesterday, I spent RM3800 to get my vision corrected to near perfect, via the use of Lasik technology.

That's me, prepped for the surgery. Here's what they did.

28th, Eye assessment to see if my eyes are suitable for the treatment. Droplets were placed in my eyes to dilate the pupil, to determine the thickness and pressure. Also checked were my vision diopter.

29th, 11am appointment. Last assessment by the doctor, and then they prepped me to undergo the zapping.

  • Doctor first gave my eyes local anaesthetic, then fitted wires to hold my lids open (did I mention she tapped my eyelids as well..)
  • She then capped a plastic ring over my eyes, and made an incision to create a flap, thus exposing my pupils.
  • The lasers came into action, and started zapping my pupils to correct my vision (at this point, I could smell my pupils getting cooked...)
  • Once done, she reattached the flap, and I'm off.

All this took place in under 5 minutes, and believe me, seeing the whole process thru certainly is odd.

No pain were felt, though the first couple of hours are quite uncomfortable. It was described as having sand in my eyes. To me, it was as if someone's pressing down on my eyeballs. Ergh!

Anyway, I now get to put behind the past 19 years of wearing a contraption on my eyes. I could see clearly, without any aid.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Flooding in Melaka

You've read it in the papers.
Exactly how bad is it? Generally water is around 4ft to 7ft high, depending on which part of Melaka you're standing on.

Some of the road are impassable to cars. The Melaka river is now as wide as the Pahang river (almost, at least).

Right now, we're all hoping that the rain will stop, and allow the water to subside. The rising tide certainly made things worst.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


That's from Eragon.

My advice, watch the movie, only if you had read the book. Otherwise, go read the book.
There is no way you'll understand what the movie was about, despite it being 2 1/2 hours long.

Wedding bells...

Congratulations to Camelia and Pak Wei!
Here's a snippet of the dinner reception, for those not present.

Wanna see more? Get on the Smartgroups (HY, I'm advertising for you here..)

Friday, December 15, 2006


Believe you would have seen the cinead by now. For the uninitiated, this is another fantasy epic, spanning 3 books of entertaining mystical lore of dragons, magick, knights and valor.

What's it about then? I'm not going to spoil the movie for you. But if you wanna know more, suggests you go get the book: Eragon. There's two in the market, the third due out sometime 2007.

In general, Eragon's a young teenager (as always), living with a relative (of course), who stumbled upon a unique package which happened to be a dragon egg. Overtime, the dragon and the boy bonded, to become a pair and one with each other.

As the story unfolds, you'll find much similarity to our real world, of politics, wars, rebels, espionage.

The interesting part of book, is very much Eragon's discovery process of his ability, his learning curve.

I'd recommend this to fans of the fantasy world. It'll be a good escape from reality for awhile. Me, I'm going to catch the movie this Sunday. Hope it's as fulfilling as the book.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Hey everyone, Christmas is coming!!!

Black Forest Cake

Who came up with the idea anyway? Having one for birthdays, for anniversaries, for weddings...

Lately, my family had taken up the hobby of baking cakes. Cheese cakes, butter cakes, sponge cakes, now Black Forest Cake. Few years back, I was planning a trip to Germany. One focal point of interest was a visit to the Black Forest there, and seek the Cake. Is that the origin?

No matter what the interest, it's good to see my family bonding this way. Heart warming. Not that we're dysfunctional or something. It's just that growing up in a traditional Chinese family, meant silent nights in front of the telly, quick dinners, and to each our own.

Perhaps it's the age. As we grow, the "children" learnt to appreciate the parents more. We're more open, the topic of discussion gets more personal. The parents start to see and treat us like "adults". Hey! I'm turning 30 soon. Can't be looking at me as a kid no more, rite??

But I like it. We're close. Makes me look forward to coming back every weekend, even if it's for a quick dinner, a sound sleep. Not many understands my fixation of making every weekend a family weekend. Just spend time with them. They'll feel like they're still important. They'll feel like growing with us, not left behind as we seek our new family.

Ah...yada yada yada...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Long hiatus...

Been away, been away...

Phew! Just completed my Company's annual dinner, hosted for the southern region. What a rush! We got those fella trekking under a hot Saturday afternoon, all over the historical sites of Malacca. Needless to say, they were thankless bout it.


Monday, November 27, 2006

Somewhere, over the rainbow...

It's been raining incessantly in Melaka. Was on my way to the weekly badminton game, and managed to catch this. Is it true there's a pot of gold at the base of the rainbow? (If it's true, why bother learning physics rite?)

Love it. It's nature's way of telling us to keep going. You'll always see it in front of you, forever beckoning.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Harry Potter!

Does this look cool or what?

It's my bedsheet! I've got Harry Potter prints for my bed.
Best part of it, the sheet costs RM215, and I paid RM69.

Now that's cheap.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Friend's Cafe

Saturday night.

Including tonight,I believe I've not stayed over in Melaka for more than 5 Saturdays, since I got here 3 years ago!

My other half's attending a wedding dinner (almost every restaurants and hotels are booked for receptions).

Speaking of which, Business 101, where there's demand, there's profit to gain. I've been negotiating with hotels for their function hall, and they had the gall to hold stern the offer on the table. Every little request an excuse for more charges. I'd sure like to see their faces when school restarts and the wedding season is over. Hah!

Anyway, I'm seated at Friend's Cafe. One of my favourite hangout here. They play nice hitz, a little funky, but not loud. Besides, the food selection is pretty decent, and the drinks generous.

PC would know the place. She finished an American burger all by herself here! Had a strange drink called CoCoke Milk. Ask PC how's it.

One of the highlights of this place, is a really cool mirrored-wall, with much wise sayings written all over it.

That's me in the mirror Literally!
Some highlights "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail -Ralph Waldo Emerson-"

Ahh.. my dinner's here. Till next.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006



The strangest of hour in a day. Have you ever felt lonely in any part of a day?
I have. Dusk is my bane. Very often, when nightfall comes along, usually sevenish, just as it's about to get dark...

This strange sense of loss is often felt. Not belonging. Lost.

Perhaps this is a manifestation of the earlier years? A loss of daylight, the end of fun time. Dreading nightfall when the day is almost over. Another day gone by.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Italian weekend..

Our weekend dinner, me pa, ma, sis, her other half, my other half and myself. We four teamed up to get together an Italian fest.

On the table were Meatball spaghetti, carbonarra fettucine, vegetarian pizza, spicy chicken pizza, antipesto, and garlic bread. All these were washed down with a 12 year old Suntori whiskey, Penfolds Bin 389 Shiraz, a Korean ginseng soaked in KouLeiSum for 12 months. Dessert was Bombe Alaska.

Phew... all those for 6. Needless to say, I'm now tipsy, filled to the brim, and slowy slipping into stupor of a glutton.

But, the fun of what we did together, putting up a dinner that we're so proud of. The chaos and confusion certainly added to the fun.

Tonight, I'm getting a real good sleep. Will be out like a baby. Tomorrow's a peaceful weekend for us. Not for JD though. It's time to give him his haircut. Snip! Snip! Snip!

Saturday, November 11, 2006


PC! PC! I got into the same, unfortunate situation. Earlier, I got rammed from behind at the on-ramp near Summit, USJ.

The Culprit!

The Iswara's wheels got locked when he emergency-braked. I heard the tyres screech, looked behind and saw him fast approaching, then looked forward to see if I had room to move forward without hitting the Toyota Unser in front of me.

My Misery...

Unfortunately (aren't they all), there wasn't room. So it was simply reflex to step on the brakes hard, and hope the Iswara won't push me under the Unser.

Looks like I gotto pay a visit to the traffic cops tomorrow and get this sorted out. Definitely am going to claim his Insurance for this. Sheesh... so troublesome...

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Father's birthday Fusion Dinner

It's my dad's birthday weekend. To make it special, Lindy and I are going to make dad a very unique dinner. Fusion of chinese and continental.

We'll be making fried drummets marinated in fermented sauce (known as "lam yee"). Greens will be minced pork, chicken and shrimps, wrapped in cabbage and steamed. Third dish is fried potatoes slices, dressed with sweet and sour sauce. Lastly, there's an egg and tofu combo, pan fried till golden brown. Ahh, how much more fusion can you get...

We even got dad a very chic looking tee-shirt from John Masters.

Happy birthday, dad!

Sunday, October 29, 2006

I got creamed, and rightfully so!

Argh! I got creamed by my friends last nite. I guess the news would have came out eventually, though I wouldn't had expected it to be so soon.

Yes, my dear friends. I'm in the midst of an early, beautiful romance. It began a month ago, and it's been a wonderful month for me.

Just read Jaimie's lengthy recollection of TL and Lena's wedding. Here's my thanks to this wonderful couple. As I sat there last night, it suddenly dawned on me (and many others) that we had not met many of each other for years. Really, it took a wedding of amazing proportions to get everyone together again.

Funnee thing is, the oddity of meeting ex and ex-es sitting around and talking to each other, while their spouse/halfs sat right beside. You know who you are. I'm glad to see how mature everyone were about it. You fellas are cool.

TL, you could really sing. That was a romantic gesture, and sure takes lot of guts to do. Worth it, right?

Now we wait for the next big one. Camelia's big day is fast approaching. And we'll be there.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The big big day!

Teik Lee! My heartiest congratulations to you and Lena.

Today's TL and Lena's wedding day. Right now, they'd be wrapping up the church ceremony at St. Ignatius. I'll get to see them tonight. Am so happy for them.

I've know TL since my mid-teen, and Lena a few years later. While not entirely close, I've know them to be dependable, good friends. People that can be counted upon when you need them the most. And to see this happy union after so many years, it gives hope to everyone that love still exists in this world. It is possible for great friends to become life partners...

Who's next?

Saturday, October 14, 2006

New URL linked

I added another URL today. Poh Chin's Blog, at Friendster. She told me about the styrofoam story when she visited me at Melaka. Hehehe.. still floating yeh?

PC, read about the car accident. Hope you're all ok.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy Mooncake Festival

As above, it's MidAutumn (Don't know where on Earth, but it's MidAutumn).
Pity, we Malaysians gotto celebrate it hazily...

Yeah.. yeah.. I'm one day late. I know! Can't help that, but then again at least I got to taste a slice of those oily goodies. Kudos to modernisation - Sambal Mooncake!?

What's the story behind this festival anyway? All I remember was the tradition of lanterns (from the quaint little candle-lit to the battery-operated with audio built-in), sipping chinese tea under the moon, munching on groundnuts...

There was something about this young lady who got upset over some stuffs, and decided to "fly" to the moon... and a rabbit was involved... folklore about the MidAutumn.

The mooncakes came about as an ancient means of espionage communication, of hiding messages in gifts of food, which brought about a major coup of sorts.

Don't know what brought about the lanterns, groundnuts and tea.... folklore.

TL messaged me this afternoon. To pass me the invite card I believe. Maybe I'll get to catch him tonite.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Short short weekend..

Argh... such a short weekend!

I lost half a day yesterday at the police station, accompanying a friend to regain back his car (which was "stolen" by another friend to pay off debts!). Such madness, and friends...

Roamed Low Yat again this weekend. Was on a mission to get replacement parts for my Toshiba.

Here's my shopping list:
Samsung 40Gb Notebook harddrive ~ RM180.00 (the original drive had bad sectors)
A4Tech Glaser mouse ~ RM45 (for a friend)
Epson Stylus printer cartridge ~ RM140 (for my dad)
Panasonic Cordless phone replacement battery ~ RM29 (for my dad)

And none of it's for me.
By the way, the Toshiba's for sale. Any takers?

It's a Satelite S2410, 512Mb Ram, nVidia Graphics card.
New harddrive, Samsung 40Gb, CDRW/DVD-ROm drive, SD card reader, Build in Floppy drive.
Original system disc is WinXP Home.

I'm letting it go at RM2,000.00

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Good friends..

So nice. I received a call from ML this evening, from Singapore. She's concerned enough to call and see how I am. HY too, who'd catch me online and check up with me.

I'm ok fellas. Am very very busy and occupied at the moment. Company's into a major exercise, and I'm involved in many ways.

I'll catch up with you all at TL's wedding. Take care for now!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Never so overworked, nor overjoyed

Never had I ran this fast in pushing a project through. Definitely proud to say I'm ahead in my milestones.

Besides, life is sweet. I've not had this for such a long time. This time, it must work.

Anyone thinking about watching Monster House? Go for it. It's entertaining. Simple fare, but entertaining.

Tomorrow it's family day. Part, if not whole, is definitely a welcome. Mum will like it.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bold move

This past week had been like hell. I've not had enough sleep at all.

I'm one admin staff short (she's on maternity, bless her), the Co's into a major integration exercise and expects results within the month, I just took my team for a weekend getaway to celebrate their recent success, and lots and lots of extra hours every night...

But it's worth it. I've longed for such adrenalin rush a long time. This is what makes me appreciates my job.

I've done it. I've taken the bold move. Ready or not, I'm not waiting any longer. Ask, and get it out of my head. And it worked. No doubt the going's gonna be tough, but I know it's worth it. Hang in there, trust, and flow with the "waves"... this is going to be real mad. Of all the time to get this done... Right, I'm mad.

If all works out as planned, I'll make it known soon. No sense talking bout it now.

Pray. Pray like there's nothing left but prayers. Keep faith.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Another lazy weekend... it's just too darn hot.

It's indeed a lazy afternoon, with the sun blazing hot. Not only I am suffering from it, even poor JD's completely exhausted.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

It's that time of the year again!

Hey y'all, PC Fair is around again. The annual event of the year, for all geeks and nerds around. As usual, much stuffs are available, at beat down prices.

Then again, temptation of spending is definitely strong if anyone were to go there. Perhaps it's the joy of seeing the multitude of gadgets, all under one roof. Or maybe, it's the jostling crowd, bargaining for the lowest price and best bargain.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sometimes, even Superman falls ill

Haha... not that I'm enlarging myself into the status of a Super-being. I'm sick. Fell ill on a Friday night, after I spent a whole day sampling air in two Hospitals. Gosh, did I contract something I bad? Right now, I've got a runny nose, slight fever and a very irritating cough.

And havign told my friend of my illness, she immediately made an offer to supply me some medication. Thank you so much, May Li. Appreciate the warm thought, though I'l pass on the offer to stock up on pills. Don't plan to get sick again.

Sigh, home alone again tomorrow. Parents going to pay grandma a visit. I wish I could tag along. Would love to hold my niece again. Then again, sick man should not travel, much less hold a baby.

Gonna make some pasta dish tomorrow for lunch. Any takers?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Killings? Are these pics real?

I got these pics via mass mail. As usual, I'm curious to know about the authenticity of such mails. I'm certain the veteran netizens would have received many such mails from time to time, either seeking donations via tracking softwares, warding off ill-luck, or the downright ludicrous mass mails to earn cash!!!

So, can anyone verify the authenticity of the pics above? Are people killing baby seals wantonly? No greater reason, for a greater cause? Or are those simply Photoshop-ed pics?

What's your take?

Sunday, July 30, 2006

A date!

I just got back from a date. It's been a long long time since I actually went out on a date. Perhaps it's part of the healing process that made me reluctant, or perhaps the fear of history repeating itself. Nonetheless, I had fun.

I picked HY up from her place at late noon, and proceeded to 1U for the movie. As expected, parking traffing was horrendous. I actually went up the parking ramp, then exited, and re-entered the basement. Eventually I had to go up and get the tickets, while HY seek a spot. For those not in the know, if you paid for the tickets via credit online, you can pick up the tickets using the confirmation code at the Gold Class booth. Credit card not required. We caught Dragon Tiger Gate.

The verdict:
Very good action scenes, definitely lotsa CGI. Overall story telling a little choppy, and slow. Towards the finale, the director got a little over the top with his imagination.

For dinner, we went to Italiannies. Dinner was sumptuous. We had Artichoke with Spinach, Eggplant Parmagiana (cheesy), and a Roasted Potato dish with Chicken and some spicy sauce (I can't pronounce the exact words, neither remember how it's written). And a carafe of red wine. No, no.. no nagging bout white meat and red wine. It's personal preference, yah.

Gosh, what a great night. Perhaps we could do this again, eh? This time we get a lighter meal and leave room for desserts as well.

Well, time for ZZZzzz...

Runabout weekend

Supper last night with KH. Very nice to have the company of HY and Fab with us. Very much a pity that we couldn't get more around. TL, TF, Cammie.... apasal tak senang leh?

It's Movie weekend! We're going Dragon Tiger Gate today. KH said there's too much CGI. Wonder if it's entertaining. I just want entertainment. That's all...

August. According to the Chinese calendar, it's the Hungry Ghost Festival. This year, we have 2 months' worth of hair-raising sensations. Frankly, it's to each their own. Cheers to dark nights.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Late night get-together

Hey y'all..

I've had a long week. How about you?
Last night was nice. I got to laze around with a couple of my friends, midnight till bout 4am. We downed 2 bottles of red. Hsin Yee, May Li, thanks for the wines. It's really nice.

Who's there? Well, there's Siew Keng, who's going to attempt 72 hours of movie marathon without falling asleep for a shot a 10k prize monies. Hope she succeed. Then there's Terrence, and his "hamper" of junk food. Dede, who's recovering from post late-night binge. Hsin Yee, finally able to steal her away from her work. Poh Chin, and her endless ideas (you're late). May Li, host of our little gathering at her very large mansion, and myself, self-appointed butler for the night...

PC, we're left wondering what's the ending to that horror movie...

To my friends who're starting (or just started) their new jobs, all the very best.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Mid year performance, team buildings and sore muscles..

It's that time of year again, when all fat cats sit together in a boardroom and see what went wrong, what went right, and where to go next.

As expected, the pressure is on, and the is turned to the max. This year, it's make the waves, or leave the bus. To say it's good, there's plenty of room to fill, to say it's bad, we're not far off. So there you have it. All in a nutshell, we're doing right, but not perfect.

The management trend had geared towards teambuilding a lot. This is no exception. This weekend, I survived a night orientation session using a compass, and a 20 obstacle course that would make any commando proud. Fire in the Hole!

Was hoping for a paintball session to go with it. No such luck. Would have taken great pleasure to whup a couple of hardballs up some stiff butts.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Another weekend, and my niece!!!

Lina, my heartiest congratulations to you and Vincent!

Everyone, say hi to my 1 month old niece, Chloe! Ain't she pretty?

Friday, July 07, 2006

Bz bz weekend...

This weekend is going to be a hectic one.

I'm headed north to a rustic little town called Sitiawan for a ex-colleague's wedding. It's going to be an early drive to collect my fellow passengers, and then a four hour road trip.

The following day, it's off to my niece's fullmoon luncheon (That's 30 days exact after birth). This will be in Ipoh. Wonder if I have any spare time to grab a cuppa of local white coffee? Yum yum...

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Road mishap!

Accident. The worst thing that can happen to a person. Of all the miserable time in a year, this had to happen to me now.

I suppose this is bound to happen eventually. I've been clocking more distance at ungodly hour more and more often.

What took place? Simply put, I fell asleep behind the wheel.
Unbelieveable? Yup. Happened last night (or rather this morning, 1+am) along the expressway near the International Airport.

Prior to that, I had participated in a game of Futsal, which my friends and I organise fortnightly. I must had been more tired that I anticipated. Along the journey home, I pulled over on 2 separate occasions to catch a quick ZZzzz, couple of minutes each time. Somehow, I blacked out later, and in that quick seconds, ran the car towards the middle divider, and scrapped the sides. Good thing there wasn't another car near me, or I would not be writing this now.

Looks like I gotto tighten the purse strings the next few months to pay off the repairs, and sustain my housing loan until I get a new tenant.

Sigh,... truly, the more we earn, the more we spend. It's never enough.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Big shock wedding...

I attended a buddy's wedding ceremony today. As is the Chinese custom, there's always the early drive to the bride's home to ferry her to her new home

But then it's never that simple. Getting to the bride always involved the a perilous journey for the stomach, liver and heart.

The local custom here is that the groom gotto pass a series of "obstacles" before entering the bride's parent's home. The obstacles ranges from the common 4 tastes of flavour (sweet/sour/spicy/bitter), signifying the the journey of a married couple, to the physically challenging tasks of fitness execises in formal jackets; food galore meant to overfill the stomachs; and vocal sessions to express love.

And if that's not enuff, the groom gotto provide a red packet (cash) to the ladies holding the bride's fort. As usual, much haggling would take place to ensure a fair amount is given, and received. More often than not, this would burn a hole in the groom's wallet.

What's amazing about this wedding is the suddenness of it. I got to know the groom's seeing this gal 5 months ago (that's when they began), and now they're getting married. My hats off to you, pal.

I'll post a pic when I get them after the dinner tonight.

P.S. Met the photographer, a lovely lass. Hope she didn't get hurt when they pushed our faces together during the singles' game.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Visit by a friend

What a surprise...

Poh Chin came by for a visit on Thursday. This is rare, seeing that i've known her since Secondary school.
We've not really had a chance to talk one to one, eh?

You'll be surprised to know how many person are like what you said. Floating in the ocean, not knowing where to go. Have faith. At times, you need to step back and look at the big picture. The end may be very near...

Live happy, girl.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Expensive Saturday

Sigh... I really have no self control.

Today, I bought a FM Modulator. It's a contraption that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter for power, and has a USB port for a thumbdrive. Basically, it'll function as a radio station, with a FM of its own. And the car stereo can pick up the MP3 songs when tuned to the similar station. I blew RM75 bucks there.

Then, it's to a 2 hours game of Snooker. Phew.

Dinner was TGIF. Ouch!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

It's another weekend

The weekend's here again.

Phew, what a week. Why are there so many idiots out there? Don't they know the difference driving within the lanes, and driving without the lanes? Sheesh, sure wished my car was equipped with some kinda rocket launcher/laser gun to zap the idiot that caused the hour-long jam.

This weekend, I'm going to get a FM modulator that could play mp3 from my thumbdrive, and blast it out of the car stereo like a radio station. Hope it works.

I bought another cue stick. Not for myself, but for my Sis's BF. He's hooked on the game, thanks to me, hehehe.

Am getting better at the game. Hope with the added player, I'll get the much needed practise.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Jeram Besu rapids

Phew, I'm back.
Jeram Besu, hour and half away from KL, is part of the Lipis River, that links eastwards. I had a quick session there today, after a long drive to the destination. And I really meant long. We departed Subang 9am, and only got there by 1pm. Miscommunication, and lots of time spent following traffic.

Our main guide, Nizam, ran thru the basics with us. The seating on the sides, leg positions horseback on the sides, caution when appoaching branches and rocks.

After that, he got us floating on the river, to let us get comfortable with the currents.

Next up was jumping of some boulders, and being swept down river by the currents. Here we were taught the techniques of positioning ourselves when being swept by the currents.

Last exercise was to capsize the raft, with us in it. No doubt some of us had a good drink of river water.

Finally, we're off. Though the rapids was supposed to be a level 3, it felt more like level 1. The water was so calm that it felt more like a romantic river cruise, in the afternoon sun. Hehe...

Fun part came when we finished the rapids, and brought the rafts back to the starting point, where we got to brave the real level 3 rapids. This we did twice.

If anyone wants to try out the rapids (it's said to be real good during the rainy season), call Nizam at +6013 975 0606 (JB Outdoor).

Cheers, y'all!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Lazy weekend

Ah... finally, a peaceful and lazy weekend to sit around and do nothing.

It's the Chinese Dumpling Festival season again. As usual, I get to try my skills at wrapping the dumpling, filled with cubes of pork, chestnut, salted egg yolk and chinese mushroom. It's tough, as a wrong wrap would cause the dumpling to break open in the pot of boiling water, thus ruining the rest of the batch.

It's Lily's birthday today. Now this is a 30 year old, who doesn't look like she's a day over 25. Amazing.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Blunder... I'm not focussing

Am now at home, waiting to get to the O2 Service Centre. If only they were to open earlier. Then again, can't expect much of a retail outlet. Serves me right for choosing a non-mainstream unit to use. Thank Lord it's not often (I hope).

Looking at the schedule for today, I know I'm not going to be able to achieve much work today. Good thing I called the office today, got all the nitty gritty stuffs out of the way. I expect to get into the office by 4pm, if all goes well.

Terry, Josh, sorry for cancelling the plans tonight. Was looking forward to meeting you guys up. Actually, Josh didn't reply my SMS. Wonder if he's settled his Grandpa's funeral, or enroute south. Hope he got the message.

I called a client this morning to inform her of a change of dates for a project, only to be reminded that I had notified her last week! (Gasp!) What am I doing? I'm getting so disorganized without my PDA. Aaargh!

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Oh no! My beloved O2 took a fall this morning, and now had ceased to function. I can't get any display on the unit.

Aarrgh! This is a horror! What am I going to do? How am I going to survive? I've grown so accustomed and reliant on it, now it feels so so strange without my trusted aide.

Worst still, this is a really bad time for it to fall sick. Looks like I've to cut expenses in the next 2 months to ensure I don't fall into the red. Damn the sorry luck.

I'm pissed.

Relaxation, & catching up

My girls and I @ Langkawi on 13th May.
The second of my Getaways this year. Earlier, I took time off to visit the last state of this Country, and completed my circuit. Next year, it's another Country.

The island, as is known to all, is a haven for drinkers and Chocolate lovers. It's Duty Free!!! Which mean, eat and drink to your heart's contend.

As expected, the few of us whacked a bottle of Johnnie Walker, and a bottle of Absolut Citron over two nights. Needless to say it was a really good sleep, with many visits to the loo to purge. Being the only male there, I had the "honour" of carrying them to and fro the loo for their painful encounter with vomitting.

Why do we drink that much, when we knew the horrors of the next day?

Sunday, April 02, 2006


To my dearest one,

Having seen you again last night had been a most wonderful. It pained me so much to know that you are leaving.

I truly wish that you will find what you had set out to seek.Be very careful with the world out there. Trust warily.

I hope in time to come, we will meet again.

With love...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

How fast time had passed...

Matang Waterfall, Sarawak

It's been 3 months since I last blogged. How time flies. In a mere 3 months, so much had changed.

A fellow colleague who joined the Company with me had left, in not so healthy a light. I must say that despite the fact that it was imminent, I had really wished it could have be done in a better way. After all, I believed this colleague would have made a better leader than I.

January had been a hectic month, with much Management trainings and product launches. February was short, and packed with the annual Sales Conference. What a wild night! I'd love to share the night with you, but the photos were simply not meant to be seen. The limitations of being a Mid-Manager. Sigh...

What's coming next? I've heard much, and seen much. Politics in the office is still rife, even if it miles away. If what was said is true, then my time is numbered. Whats next? What's next?