Thursday, March 29, 2007


Horror of horrors!
A pink-punching monstrosity, thanks to the oddball owners with a really weird sense of beauty.
I took this in Ipoh, on a really hot Saturday afternoon.
Oh, what a blow to the poor dog's esteem, being seen in public like that.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Congratulations to Kelvin & Cui Si

24th March, 2007
Kelvin Wong and Lai Cui Si's Wedding
Bukit Kinding Resort, Tg Rambutan
Ipoh, Perak.


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Food for thought

Ever wanted to check out an eatery and couldn't find it anywhere? I've been scouring the web for links to the usual sites. Am gonna put it up for any of you people who might find it useful.

Check out the foodsite links on the side bar.

Something different?

Changed the feel of my blog today. No more dark gloomy webpage.
Like it?

Also found another blogsite featuring lotsa lotsa jokes. Pay it a visit: E-Laughs. It's on my site's link. I find it refreshing to have entertainment such as this.

What productive thing have I done today?

Let's see. I woke up late, if you consider 9.30am over sleeping.
First things first, JD got his haircut. Finally he got back his cute, intelligent look. Prefers him this way.
Then it's shower time. JD, not mine.

I had lunch with Ma and Pa. Jo's back in Ipoh with her other half. Somehow, Manhattan Fish Market's loosing their touch. Not on the recommended list anymore, unless it's your first time.

Oh, I saw lots of Yellow men around the Digital Mall. It's their opening ceremony today. Found my PDA softwares in one of the shops there. Bummer thing, the program I wanted couldn't work. Had to settle for something else. Nonetheless, it's still entertaining. What the heck!

Right now, I'm at Friends' Cafe, blogging and surfing. Lindy's attending a friend's wedding reception. Ahh... peaceful weekend.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Missing in Action again

Of late, I've not been blogging as often as I should. Blame it on endless busy weekends, scarcity of Net connections wherever I go, and pure laziness.

No, wait. It's not laziness... I've been busy scouring the weekend papers for interesting vacancies. No wonder I've not been blogging.

Seriously, despite the endless pages of recruitment listings, I still can't find something I'm keen on. I did take a few looks at Project Management, and somehow, I don't think I know enough to get the job.

Logistics? Finance? Marketing? Sales? Programmers? Developers?
Nope, nope, nope.... sighhhhh

Isn't there any Company looking at new startups? Needs Functional Manager, to set, implement, execute, conceptualize, analyse, improve?

Harry Potter @ JW Marriott Putrajaya

We had our National Sales Conference recently. Yours truly was there as Harry Potter, minus the nerdy glasses.

That's CK, a good friend, dressed as I-dunnoe-what... but hey, it's Hollywood characters night. So there you are...