Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dashed hope...

Its not JD. They're puppies of Shih Tzu breed. Bummer...

But then, my thanks again June and Elena. I am really glad that you had noticed and took the effort to contact me. This despite JD having gone missing for more than 8 months. You both deserve a big hug from all JD's friends.

Jo and I were prepared to take the day off to get JD back from Melaka. We had been waiting for that call to come the whole morning. By 10.30am, I got the call that brought all hope down into the guts again. It wasn't him. So many lucky pups having been found, and he wasn't there.

I can only hope he's safe and well taken care off. Whoever you are, wouldn't you want to return him?

Monday, March 30, 2009

News of JD

I received a message on Facebook from a stranger named June Then (whose photo was taken with another person that looked remarkably like a friend I knew). She said a friend known as Elena had seen JD in SPCA recently.

I called, and was given quite a good description of the dog. I'm positive, and waiting for the good news from Lindy. We're anxiously waiting...

God bless you, June and Elena. I'll definitely let you know if that's JD.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Nicole & Cheah Kit's wedding

A blessed union is wished upon the both of you, may your lives now entwine and brings forth beautiful memories... my heartiest congratulations to you both..