Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bold move

This past week had been like hell. I've not had enough sleep at all.

I'm one admin staff short (she's on maternity, bless her), the Co's into a major integration exercise and expects results within the month, I just took my team for a weekend getaway to celebrate their recent success, and lots and lots of extra hours every night...

But it's worth it. I've longed for such adrenalin rush a long time. This is what makes me appreciates my job.

I've done it. I've taken the bold move. Ready or not, I'm not waiting any longer. Ask, and get it out of my head. And it worked. No doubt the going's gonna be tough, but I know it's worth it. Hang in there, trust, and flow with the "waves"... this is going to be real mad. Of all the time to get this done... Right, I'm mad.

If all works out as planned, I'll make it known soon. No sense talking bout it now.

Pray. Pray like there's nothing left but prayers. Keep faith.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Another lazy weekend... it's just too darn hot.

It's indeed a lazy afternoon, with the sun blazing hot. Not only I am suffering from it, even poor JD's completely exhausted.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

It's that time of the year again!

Hey y'all, PC Fair is around again. The annual event of the year, for all geeks and nerds around. As usual, much stuffs are available, at beat down prices.

Then again, temptation of spending is definitely strong if anyone were to go there. Perhaps it's the joy of seeing the multitude of gadgets, all under one roof. Or maybe, it's the jostling crowd, bargaining for the lowest price and best bargain.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sometimes, even Superman falls ill

Haha... not that I'm enlarging myself into the status of a Super-being. I'm sick. Fell ill on a Friday night, after I spent a whole day sampling air in two Hospitals. Gosh, did I contract something I bad? Right now, I've got a runny nose, slight fever and a very irritating cough.

And havign told my friend of my illness, she immediately made an offer to supply me some medication. Thank you so much, May Li. Appreciate the warm thought, though I'l pass on the offer to stock up on pills. Don't plan to get sick again.

Sigh, home alone again tomorrow. Parents going to pay grandma a visit. I wish I could tag along. Would love to hold my niece again. Then again, sick man should not travel, much less hold a baby.

Gonna make some pasta dish tomorrow for lunch. Any takers?

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Killings? Are these pics real?

I got these pics via mass mail. As usual, I'm curious to know about the authenticity of such mails. I'm certain the veteran netizens would have received many such mails from time to time, either seeking donations via tracking softwares, warding off ill-luck, or the downright ludicrous mass mails to earn cash!!!

So, can anyone verify the authenticity of the pics above? Are people killing baby seals wantonly? No greater reason, for a greater cause? Or are those simply Photoshop-ed pics?

What's your take?