Saturday, January 31, 2009

Eat, and be merry

Jo offered to buy lunch to celebrate a belated birthday for me. Hence the five of us spending 2 and half hours and RM270 at Umaiya today.
Me lending a head to the pic.

Lindy posing with uncle... hahahaa

The big spender

The result of too much salmon, coke and beer...

Buffet lunch at Umaiya, Damasara Uptown

Free flow Tiger beer, by the mug or by the jug. You choose.

Really fresh sashimi.


Beef nebi

Salmon hand roll, Unagi hand roll

Beef sukiyaki


Ebi Tenpura

Iitako (baby octopus)

Special mushroom soup (Nippon style)

Soft shell crab maki

Dragon maki

Cross section of a Dragon maki, with fresh prawn in the middle

Grilled saba

Agedashi tofu

Soft shell crab tenpura (I find this too oily..)

Beef teppanyaki

Fried garlic rice

Grilled Shisamo

Unagi Tempura

California hand roll (I 'm still wondering why Japanese name this famous hand roll after California)

Unagi hand roll

Iitako hand roll

California cheese maki (Again why California? Why not Florida? Quebec? Ipoh?)

Ooops... someone smuggled utensils from a plane into the restaurant. This came in my bowl of ice cream.

Chocolate ice cream

Green tea ice cream

Wasabi ice cream (an interesting mixture, but burns the throat in if you take a big gulp)

The bowls of ice cream that the five of us had...

Alltogether, 73 items on the menu for 5 persons.

Monday, January 26, 2009

BBQ dinner for 1st day of 2009

Our favourite cooking style... Grill!

Chayo and I trying to start the fire.

The adage of too many cooks spoil the soup could be applied here. Imagine one arsonist and three consultants...

Carol's well marinated wings..

Mash potatoes, finely done

Chayo's version of baby corns. Must be over fed babies.





Work in progress, whilst mum walks baby Darrel

Cheese filled frankfurters