Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dinner @ Home

Dinner preparations started with a glass of Rosemount Cabernet Shiraz 2007 - exquisite

Main ocourse was baked "chicken meat" fish using a mixture of parsley, watercress sauce and plain salt and pepper.

And the finished product...  nicely served with a unique sauce of watercress +garlic +mayonaise +lemon sauce.

Way to eat it... small bites with the sauce.

For tummy filler, a good slab of Malaccan roasted pork, generously served...

Not to forget Jo's filo pastry with spinach and cocktail sausages... and a good helping of honey mustard spicy Chat potatoes and cheese baked Chat potatoes.
Dessert imported from Ipoh - Coconut Jelly.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Breakfast @ Glenmarie

One eat-spot in town that serves a good selection of economy rice and noodles can be found at U1 Glenmarie.

Famous dish to look for would be the Curry Mee, with a variety of ingredients to include...

Spice level - High. Mark Tan will attest to that.

As always, good food must be shared. And good company makes it better.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Life is no bed of Roses

One thing's for certain. I cannot live life expecting roses everyday.
Sometimes they come, at the most unexpected moment, from the least expected people.

But the one who is supposed to deliver... disappointment again.

What do I do?

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Of lifelong decisions and mistakes on the spur

Life takes twists and turns expectedly. And in life, there comes a time where things are simply expected.

So there I was, happily cruising thru in a 2 wheeler, enjoying the bachelorhood and couldn't-care-less... to the day I had to switch to a 2 door ride. Add-on in techie, or in McD if you prefer.

There's the adjustment to deal with. A little tuning here and there is a requisite every now and then. Mood swings, temper tantrum... its all in the package. Take it or leave it.

I did a little pondering. It'll be great to have to do this for myself. That doesn't work this lifetime. Commitments and a duty to deliver pretty much sums of the path.

Certain I didn't make a mistake? I suppose I did have lots of silly stubborn mistakes. Some I just have to live with for awhile.

Finally it became clear. I deliver. I always deliver.

Tempers I can deal with. Tantrums I can live with. I have mine to share, so its only fair [then live's not always fair]. And now I embark on this path, one which I stand firm on not turning back.

6 days to go.

Wish me luck.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Paying by the size of your car

You all heard about the fuel subsidy for vehicles with smaller CC.
Here's what I heard, and a thought for you:

  1. Users are to swipe their Malaysian ID at the fuel station before filling up.
  2. The swipe will tell what vehicle's CC the user own.
  3. User gets fuel at the earned value.

So now think on this.

  1. Father owns a 7 series and 1.5cc, but registers the 7 series as a gift for the son.
  2. Father drives the 7 series to the pump, swipes his ID (which says he owns a 1.5cc)
  3. So he gets cheaper fuel, for his larger car.
  4. Son drives the 1.5cc, pays fuel for the 7 series (cant be bad, since the tank's so minute)

The rich gets a loophole, the working class pays for it?