Sunday, August 31, 2008

Late night games

Plus sized chess game, or snakes and ladders, anyone?

Dinner near Kijal, Kemaman

Surprise! Surprise! This restaurant was GPSed on the map!
Gosh, it must be real good to be featured there...

Thick succulent squids, cooked in two different ways. Fried in batter (above) and Jawa sauced (below).

Beautiful tofu in Thai styled cooking.

Fresh snapper, steamed in soya sauce.

Moreton Bay bug, aka Bay lobster. Don't expect to find these in the restaurant. We bought these off the fishing trawler and brought it over for the professional's treatment.

Check out the roe at the bottom of the "bug"

A famous method of Chinese cooking - "Kam Heong", was applied onto the "bugs". Generally cooked using curry leaves and dark soya sauce.

That's what was left on my plate after the sumptous meal. And there is no doubt my cholesterol level would have shot past the roof many times over...

Paka, Terengganu

Mum's ancestral home, in the idylic town of Paka, Terengganu..

Well known for the Petronas Oil refinery...

Clear sea and unique marine live...

Old school mates that still stays in the area...

Selling all sorts of knick knacks that small idylic towns are famous for...

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dinner in Kemaman town

Fish paste filled "yau char kuey", fried and tossed with mayonaise

4kgs of fresh crabs, bought right off the fish trawler...

Another great catch off the trawler... a blue spotted red snapper.

Views of the Kemaman beachside...

Che Wan Otak-Otak @ Monica Bay

Really good "keropok lekor"

Grilled fish paste wrapped in banana leaf, aka "sata"

The east coast "otak-otak", filled with fish slices and a special chili paste

The "sata"... unique ingredients include a fresh dollop of fish paste, and chili slices..
"Nasi dagang", a local delicacy of glutinous rice and curried fish.

Deep fried squid slices
The grilling process...

Dim Sum @ Damansara Jaya

The food's good. What's unique is the fried glutinous rice which is overly oily, but really tasty...

Check it out if you are passing by the area.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Imported is worth the money

Here's a unique twist for alcohol lovers.

A can of imported beer with 12% alcohol contents costs as much as a can of locally brewed Carlsberg with 5% alcohol content.

Which is the better buy?