Sunday, October 26, 2008

Celebrating father's birthday and food tasting

All in all, a good meal that costs more than an arm and leg...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Beauty in Imperfection

I received this on the internet. Watch the video carefully. There really is beauty in imperfection. Heart rendering....

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I shared a breakfast table with a wrinkled old man today. He walked up, pulled a chair and sat down, giving me a basal "hello".

His skin were mottled, covered with liver spots like a tattoo artist gone 'leopardy-inspired'. As he sat, out comes the pack of Benson, a cheap lighter and a some serviettes.

"Paper thosai, and teh tarik"

There I thought. Old, wrinkled and living out his retirement years. So nice to wake up, take a walk and make a friend from a stranger. To do what he has been doing all his life (or taking it up now that there's nothing to loose).

For all I know, he could have arrived in a chaffeur-driven Daimler, lives in a mansion surrounded by playmates ala-Hefner, baths in champagne and sleeps on money.

Which ever...

Retirement. Not a care...

Meeting old friend

I was dining at drinking at WabiSabi, a little hangout at TTDI Plaza colleague last night. Halfway thru, a group of yuppies came in, a dressed post work.

Blessed as it were, I noticed a familiar face whom I've not seen for a long long time. Yih Keat! Oh wow, imagine staying in the same town, yet never meeting anywhere in that town.

The irone of travelling coincidences...Haha...

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jo's going to be upset

Hoh! The ugly blue monster is here!

Arrgh! Nyap nyap nyap.... take that you blue horror!

I'm superior! All bark and no fangs, but still superior!

That's Dada, by the way. JD's butt mate.

Experimenting with ingredients

Check out the twisty bread, made from the same dough of the pizza base. Finally figured out what went wrong the previous times. No eggs! Gotta put in the egg, and don't be stingy with the yeast. Now that's bread for you..

Chicken satay topping with the peanut sauce, and cheese.... no wonder I ended up with a tummy ache.
Classic pineapple, chicken franks and bell pepper.

Fried chicken frank cubes for the spaghetti.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Fountain of Life taken down!

Another achievement this weekend!
A combination of two Dwarven Snipers and one Ursa Warrior successfully took down the Fountain of Life, at the expense of two Aegis of the Immortal. And not s single hero got killed thru out.
Missing Fountain.

My Ursa's inventory. The sixth slot for the Aegis.

Table of heroes stat.

Darrel's Full Moon dinner

This captured my interest, and stroked the adventurous self in me. I wondered how they managed to wrap the salted egg yolk in green leaves in fish paste in sliced almond pieces.

Recognize him?

That CY with a visitor from the West. Anyone recognize him? (Think Gunners #11).

Darrel's Full Moon

The proud daddy... (me thinks he's about to start losing the post-maternity belly)

Darrel Yee, a proud addition to the Yee clan

Co-incidentally celebrate his grandpa's birthday.

Big sister, Chloe doing the honour..