Saturday, July 23, 2005

Wet day, wet day....

Ho! It's Saturday, the one great day of the week where everything looks amazingly great, even if the weather outside sits gloomily dark and cold. Well, nothing's gonna take away this great feeling so soon.

What am I looking forward to then, eh? Dinner with family, of course. A good Chinese buffet steamboat, yum! All ths eating is definitely going to mess up my 40 day fast. I'll have to make up for it then.

Started Frozen Throne campaigns yesterday. Roy's right. It's an interesting game, far different from the usual stuffs that I've tried. This should keep me occupied for awhile. Afterall, I'm one and half book away from finishing the Harry Potter series. Another year's wait.

Gotta start the meeting now. Hope I can wrap it up by 10am, and I"m headed home. Yesh!

Friday, July 22, 2005

It's Friday!

Yeap, that's another week gone by. I'm dazed as usual, probably cos of the new airconditioning, chilling my left brain. Am looking forward to the weekend. I have one major issue to resolve this weekend. Hope it'll turn out well. 'Else, it's back to singlehood for me.