Sunday, May 24, 2009

bibiwok, Bandar Puteri, Puchong


Ala carte buffet. You ask for it, you get it.... make sure you try the smoked duck breast!

Sumptuous spread of grilled meat...

The YinYang soup - chicken soup on one side, and chicken soup with tomyam ingredients on the other

Secret ingredients to making the tomyam soup. Spicy.

It looks kinda gross, but that's my dumpling in tomyam soup...

Beef bacon

Lamb shanks

Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Beggar's Chicken Restaurant, Ijok

Truly, where food is concerned, no one can beat the Chinese at creativity. Even the destitute could come up with great cooking methods that gets penned in cook books (and history!)

We made a trip to Ijok, a northern part of the Klang Valley about an hour and half from KL. The attraction - Beggar's chicken.

Road leading to the eatery. Who would have guessed there's such a place to find good food?

That's business with an attitude. 3 days week, advance order, and with minimum pax criteria, or no food for you.

Goodluck finding the spot. Here's the GPS Coordinates: East 101°25'8.7", North 3°18'24.0".

It may not seem like much, but do remember this is a beggar's meal. Hence it's low price, large portion. You can feed an army with a couple of those rice packs.

Signature dish - baked chicken, and baked pork shoulder.

The chicken bathed in its own juice, nicely spiced with chinese herbs that warm the body.

Pork shoulder, the unhealthy portion.

Pork shoulder, the healthier version.

Baked glutinous rice. This is definitely the tummy filler. One bowl of this, and you'll feel bloated right thru the whole day...

Very large serving of vegetables

Prawns, spicy and really great (this ain't a beggar's dish)

Stuffed fish. Interesting way of having it. Imagine this, you catch the fish, gut the fish, pound the flesh with spices and flour and stuff it all back in.

For a table of 7, it's RM188. And the meal should have fed at least 10. Needless to say, we couldn't finish the food. (Leftovers dinner again...)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Baked chicken breast in lemon wine, cheese stuffed

I wanted to do up a meal for the family, for all the help they had given me with the painting and cleaning at the condo.

And with that in mind, I headed off to Cold Storage, Ikano with the grand idea of making a baked chicken breast stuffed with cheese. I made a marinade of lemon juice + peelings, white wine and pepper. Figured this would be make a juicy and tender piece of healthy dinner.

For greens, it's Coral leaves tossed in balsamic, and Coral leaves tossed in Italian dressing. And baked honey coated potatoes with abalone mushrooms.

Rounded the whole meal with some chunky vegetables and beef soup.

Verdict - the chicken turned out fine, but I couldn't get a nice brown tan on the meat. The rest didn't fail.

Getting better...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A long long time ago, a young kid had the grandest ideas of what he would want in his future. A beautiful home, fully equipped with every imaginable necessity that makes life wonderful and easy...

Reality is somewhat different.

Moving into a new home, man, that costs money. Lots and lots of money... Everyday its a couple of stuffs here and there.

An advice to the unprepared... have lots of fund in hand, and if you could, try to move in basic, and build up along the way.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Roasting with leaves

I learnt this from a Chinese cuisine. Try a roast chicken marinated with pepper, salt, ginger, garlic and onion, stuffed with chinese chestnut, carrots and potatoes, sitting on a bed of Pu Er leaves.....

Yummy... it went pretty well, except I must have used a tad too much ginger. Scorching hot!

Oh, and not to forget, mum's tumeric and lemongrass roast.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

I'm proud of me

Today, I did a good thing. I took part in a deed that made me proud of myself.

We found a small dog wandering the streets in Subang whilst enroute to lunch. For the first time, we did an about turn and went to the dog's rescue. He was thin, hungry and seems neglected. However he had a licensed collar and leash attached. This isn't right.

Thinking he may have ran out of the house, we asked around the street, to no avail. A lady (Serene) came out to help identify the chap. Since we couldn't locate the owner, she agreed to let us put the dog in her garden, whilst we try to locate the owner's address and PAWS (Paws Animal Welfare Society, I think).

The local council confirmed we could obtain the license once the office reopens on Monday. And PAWS will send someone to collect him on Monday too.

That puts us at ease, and off we headed for a well deserved lunch. Towards evening, Serene asked us to pick up the dog as she couldn't keep him overnight. Well, since da and ma are not keen on having him around over the weekend either, we sent him to PAWS instead.

I wouldn't know if he's grateful for the help (since he tried to snap at my hand) but he certainly was happy with the doggy bites.

At PAWS, I was truly humbled to have met a really nice guy named Roy, who happened to be a volunteer at the shelter. There's certainly more to a weekend when spent saving lives. It was also really sad to hear that for every 10 dogs brought to the shelter, 2 would return home. The rest became residents.

As for the owner of the lost dog below, I certainly hope he or she would find the compassion to take him home. What manner of a person would abandon an animal like that? Are they expecting the same in their old age?

Roy, I agree with you. A taste of their own medicine would be a lesson well learnt. I lost a dog too. And I want him back.

Lost dog found at SS17, Subang Jaya

This poor chap was found wandering on the road at SS17, Subang Jaya. He had a leash and collar, with MPSJ license tag #2154.
He is currently under the care of a good samaritan, whose house is along the same road. Please contact me if you know who the owner is.
Otherwise PAWS will collect him on Monday 11th May.
We are trying to locate the owner via MPSJ's records on Monday as well.
P.S. The chap is rather thin, but with hair cropped very short, indicating he is not a stray.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Yut Kee Coffeehouse, Jln Dang Wangi (formerly Campbell Road)

It is famed for this. RM8 for a box.

But I loved this. Marble butter cake....

Hainanese Pork Chop

This place had been there eversince I was a little kid. I still remembered the day when my dad parked the car down the road and went to pickup the famous swiss roll from the shop.

The food's mainly Hainanese influenced. The chicken and pork chops are fully drenched in watery black pepper sauce...