Sunday, October 21, 2007

Home cooked dinner

Another Iron Chefs attempt, this time with Cheng and Jo contributing to the dishes..

My Garlic Chicken & Pork Fillets

Cheng's TomYam Fried Rice (vegetarian)

Jo's Winter Melon wraps (vegetarian)

My Spicy Mushroom & Franks Spagetthi Sauce

My Angel Hair, to go with the sauce

And the finale, Secret Recipe's cakes (in case the tummy's not filled)

In actual fact, it was an advance birthday celebration for Dad. I won't be around on the actual weekend.

Reunion @ TGIF, Subang Parade

Just got back from a getogether, many thanks to HsinYee for arranging it. It's so rare to be able to get so many seated together. There's more missing. Hope to see the rest at the next do.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Owww... I've got a headache

It must have been the late night from yesterday, or the lack of nourishment in my tummy. My head's pounding hard.

After all this years, I've not yet learnt to differentiate the difference between dizziness, and headache. I only know that both are equally as uncomfortable.

Will I be able to get to TGIF tonight?

And speaking of TGI, where's my invite? They don't like my short story??

My second O2

Yea! yea! I got my second O2. Received it on 17th October 2007.
It's the O2 Atom, bought second hand.
I think I got a good price for it, as I know the previous owner well enough.

Boo Hoo... I broke my O2's stylus tonight. Carelessly forgot I was holding it, and applied pressure onto the blanket. Darn stylus snapped like a twig.

October Dilemma

Two exciting news came to me this week. Obviously I had not expected either, but it's much welcomed.

One was an opportunity to get back to Central, with a renowed oil&gas Company, pushing the retail business. The description given was a role of upholding the Company's standards, drive the sales, and help the station owners achieve the benchmarking. Sounds interesting? I was, at first.

Then came news number two. Vietnam.
How'd I like to go over to Vietnam, and assist with the growth and stabilising a business that's already in motion? The offer came from a highly respectable person, whom I had absolute trust, and respect for. Sounds even more interesting? I replied Yes.

Now comes the big issue. Who's going to take care of JD whilst I'm away?
I've heard that dogs feature highly in the exotic menu, and that there's hardly any strays around. I was also told that Vietnamese culture is not really into having dogs as pets. Meaning to say, bringing JD over with me is a no-no. I'll be risking him being served on someone's dinner table.

Parents? I doubt they'll want to have the burden.
Sister? She's still staying with my parents, so it's the same as above.
Give him away? I can't bring myself to do so.
Give up the career opportunity? He's wouldn't understand, and I'll be mad to do that.

This is a dilemma. Ai Yai Yai...

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Last of the trip

Finally, the end of our journey. The Macau-Hong Kong-Macau runaround in 5 days.
We're now back at the Macau International Aeroporto, awaiting our AirAsia flight back to Malaysia.

It had been exciting, very interesting, and definitely exhaustive.

Next, Taiwan!

Recommended for variety - Dumpling Town

Look for this street - Beco Da Arruda
It's along the main street from Senado Square on foot.

Turn right at the lane, walk to the end. You'll see the black Dumpling Town signboard.

The available choices..

Carrot skin.

Satay-based filling.

The traditional "wo tip"

Couldn't resist taking a shot of this

Ronaldo seeking divine blessings?

A visit to Macau wouldn't be complete without getting a bite of the Portugese Tart.

This is the place we found loads of almond biscuits, grilled porks and beefs, indigenous cookies

Wished we had allocated more time for this colony. Macau had a rustic sea-farer feel to it. I'd love spend more time here!

No written explanation of this statue, located at the base of St. Paul's Ruins. One can only guess at it's significance. Possibly a sailor's dream when the ship's berthed? After all, Macau's a part-Portugese port.

A sweetened nutty nite. Served bite size

St Paul's Ruins, one of the key highlights of Macau.

Also a common backdrop for many movies.

Another roadside delicacy

This grand old dame was baking some sort of flour cookies. For MOP10, you get a plastic bagful. Chewy bites while walking.

Roadside delicacy

A unique bun, with black pepper pork fillings. Very tasty snack for those on the move. Remember to look out for this when passing thru Senado Square.

A nice local delicacy - roasted chestnut, the modern way

Sights around Senado Square

Macau "Shuang Pi Nai"

Located at Senado Square

The famous "Chu Chai Pau" - Pork filet bun

Red bean version

Ginger version