Sunday, September 30, 2007

Uh Oh, trimming day again..

Bummer, I'm getting a trim again. Every time this happen, I'll get flipped on my side, legs spread wide. Not to mention enduring the posture for an hour, whilst I get all four paws cleaned.

Klang Valley view

A view from the 16th floor of Amcorp Mall

Friday, September 28, 2007

Why I want to eat at Friday's

"It's too darn hot."
"Will this weather ever let up?"
"Fat chance". Jo picked the hair off her trouser.
"I'm hungry. Wanna go grab a burger or sumthing?"
"McD! We'll ask Cheng along"

Barking outside. JD's seen a cat again. 'Doesn't he feel the heat out there?'

"JD! Come in!" She's off to get the cane.
"Nah, don't want that. I'm getting sick of the fries. All their stuffs taste the same."
"Apa you nak then?"
"Something sweet. Chocolaty..." I said.
"Look at the tummy first la!"

JD's squeezing himself under the sofa. Smart bugger, knows when to hide.
"He's underneath. Let him be la.."
"Haiyooo, really want to cekik him, cute but geram".
"Where's Cheng? We go round and see what's available."
"Eh, I just remembered. NuffNang's giving away free meals at TGIF."

"See my blog. I'm to write sumthing bout TGIF, and I'll get a free meal there."
"Fat chance for you".
"Hah! We'll see bout that. So what're we having for lunch?"
"There's chocolates in the fridge. Go cari yourself."

'I'll get that meal. I'm a true blue fan of Mocha Mudpies!' And why would I want to eat at Friday's? Because...

  • It's Friday!
  • I'm hungry!
  • It's hot at home!
  • I'm lazy to cook!
  • It's good good food!
  • I'm dying for sumthing sweet!
  • It's available only when I'm back from Melaka!
  • I'm back in Subang!
  • It's good food!
  • I'm craving for chocolates!

Did I make it clear enough?

I hope so. I want to eat there!

Besides, they've got really cool marketing. Dig this - Keep the Glass! Where else would you get that? (Can't figure what I'm going to do with the glass, walking round the shopping centre with a Martini glass)

But I liiiiikeeee.....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pork Burger

There's this little shop that serves Pork Burger, an uncommon food in the Klang Valley, unless you head to the ala-HK eateries. So it's quite a treat to for Melaka.

The chef here was supposedly from Renaissance, and the shop, Wok & Pan, serves a fusion of East, West and Nyonya dishes.
The rates are reasonable, the servings quite generous. Ambience isn't much to shout about, nor was there any interesting drinks. But the food, hmm.... I'll rate it 3.5 / 5. Filling, little over oily, slightly bland, over generous with the ajinomoto.

Also took the opportunity to do some photo compositions. Hope to hear some feedback, which is the better angle?

The Cross angle - a little of everything, plus some background for perspective.

The Square angle - maximum subject matter, minimum background.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Walking JD

An evening back home.

Just finished dinner, and decided to take JD for a walk round the neighbourhood. He loves that. Sis loves that too.

He never ceases to be a wonder. Somehow having JD around really brought the family closer together. That is, until it's time to clear his mess.

Nurin Jazlin

Recent news of the kidnapping, torture and murder of Nurin Jazlin had caused quite a stir in this country. Are people getting more brazen to conduct such perverse acts, or had it always been around, but kept under wraps?

Whoever the man was, or woman - they deserve a lot more than jail time for this. Given to the public, justice would certainly had been served. The kind of justice that acts as a deterrent, and reminder of their cruelty.

We wouldn't see the day when our judiciary system allows the "eye for an eye" justice. Needless to say, the sentiment is now running strong in the hearts of many. The culprit/s would receive more than vegetables.

My take - don't spend taxpayers money to imprison and habilitate them. Such beings have no worth to community, or mankind. Put them in a wooden box together, and bury 10 feet under in the dirtiest and most disgusting sanitary landfill that can be found.

Cruel? At least I do not degrade our food, eye for an eye.

Jacobsen by Carlsberg

Found it!
The beer that was launched, but hard to find.
Photos below feature the two variant - Saaz Blonde & Bramley Wit

Saaz Blonde is 7.1%, and comes in 75cl.

Bramley Wit, 4.6% in 33cl bottle.

Fantasy Premier League

Joined another online competition - soccer!
Some friends introduced this today. I get to setup my own Premier League team, using real player, and relying on real playing statistics.
Who knows, my team may end up the right combo... an opportunity to be a Football Manager?

Best part, this coming from a person who doesn't follow the Leagues in any way....

Friday, September 21, 2007

Reflections, over Ice Cream, Banana and Chocolaite!

What do you see in a mirror?
Do reflections give a real sense of who you are?
I looked in mirrors all the time. Strangely, I'd feel the reflection is never me.
Ever compared a photo of yourself, and the mirrored you?
Is it really the same?

"Do you have bananas today?"
"Yes sir, we do"
"I'll have one"
(A conversation at Secret Recipe)
This had been all-time favourite, since my childhood. According to Wikipedia, the Banana Split had been around since 1904. Oddly, in the western hemisphere, this dessert is usually associated with drug stores!
Hmmm... sweet tooth and diabetic pills in a package?
The key ingredient - banana. It has to be the sweet variant, and nicely ripe so as not to be too soft, or too hard.
The other ingredient - whipped cream!
Cherries, nuts, chocolates... those are optional.

That's a friend who did much to introduce Melaka to me. Even went as far as trying to convince me to settle down in this town, often times by showing me the food spots, short cuts, fun cuts and drunken nights...
I'll do him justice by an official introduction:
Birth Name - Mavin Krishnan
Blood Heritage - Indian Chinese
Commonly Known As - Too Explicit to Say

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Invitation to cook.

A surprising offer came about today.

Ms Tay asked if I'm interested to come in and give the kitchen a go. You know, whip up a dish or two, share our pan and spatula experience a little.

She serious? I'm game to take up the offer. Wouldn't dare say I'm happy to teach, but to learn from each other. Yeah! I'm On!

What'll I do? Let's see... I whip mean potatoes, baked dill Dory...

Most exciting part, I get to cook in a fully equipped kitchen that no home can cater to.


I'm a Road Warrior!

Yeah yeah yeah, I'm a Road Warrior today.

The constant banging and knocking upstairs drove me nuts. How is a person supposed to think and conceptualize, to work and be productive when there's such irregular rhythm around.

Hence, I escaped. Packed the gear, and headed towards my favourite hangout with WiFi access. The Friends Cafe! Besides, there's good lunch, good company (owners' are client and friends). Ain't that convenient.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm so bored I took up Vampirism

Right. I changed my mind. I'm entitled to that, right? After all, I did get bitten. Now I'm going to go around biting others (that sounded odd).

What's the attraction in this, I wonder? Seems we just go round picking fights, biting people, or waiting to be picked. Not that a pint or two will arrive by FedEx at our doorstep anytime soon (Don't want that either).

Can I bite strangers? Hmmm....

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sign of old age..

Uh oh. This looks like a sign of old age. I'm starting to see shorted wirings in me. That's my thumb, twitching whilst resting on the table.

Just when I had a nice meal of banana leaf rice, and observed the obese guy at next table with his three-helpings of rice and chicken and mutton and vegetables. And I thought to myself, that looks like a recipe for disaster.

Sigh, guess it's plain bread for dinner tonight. Or bowl of soup. Or plate of leaves.

What a pain in the butt!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Wedding Vid

The Love Birds

At this juncture I should apologise for the grainy pictures. I had to use max zoom, with no lighting aid to get these. Gosh, those two were constantly surrounded...

Joshua Peeling Prawn

The video had been resized for easier viewing, sacrificing clarity. I'm still trying to figure out how to resize the video and retain it's quality. If I find it, I'll replace the one above.

Peeling Prawns

To keep ourselves occupied during the dinner, a mini competition started on prawn peeling technique, ala "no touch". Seen here were two of the contestants:

Hsin Yee, deeply engrossed in decapitating the prawn.

Joshua, looking calm and very sure of his method.

And the results.... Somewhat neat. Still looks like a prawn. Possibly edible...

A video of the process is available upon request. I will not upload it for now, as the 60seconds feature takes up 113Mb. Too darn long to up or download.

Fabian's Wedding Pictures

Welcome pack to fill up the empty tummies before the dinner.

Our happy table of hungry Jacks and Jills...

Pak Wei & Camelia

Poh Chin & May Chean (unofficial photographers - they want more assignments!)
DeDe & Hsin Yee

Tiffany & Joshua

Kum Hon

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Congratulations to Fabian and Louise

Today's their big day! Wedding bells, wedding bells....

Another step towards adulthood. Very soon, we'll be hearing pitter patter all around... Fabian will be bringing his kids to our getogethers....

Congratulations, my friends.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I've been receiving many invites to various FaceBook applications, such as Vampires, Werewolves, and so many others....

Now I don't want my friends to see me as snobbish. I've not accepted any of the invites, cos it requires some installation of some sorts into this notebook, which incidentally is not my property.

Hence, please forgive me. I'm available at this blog, via YM, Skype and emails.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Yummy Garlic!

It was a public holiday yesterday for the Southern states. First Fasting day of the month, according to the Muslim calendar.

For me, it's an opportunity to explore the villages and seek yummy good food.
The Restaurant below is located in a Chinese village, called Machap. Approximately 30minutes drive from Melaka town.

Rusty old signboard. The place is located inside the village. You won't see it from the main road.

Grapes, in Melaka! (It's sour - wrong soil, but an accomplishment none-the-less).

The myriad of dishes that they served.

The highlight - succulent pork fried with UNPEELED cloves of garlic. The outer garlic skin is crispy, and slightly bitter to the buds. But the whole dish is really good.

4 Heavenly Kings - normally consists of brinjals, four-angled beans, lady's fingers, and long beans.

Singapore-styled Fried BeeHoon (Chinese vermicelli)

The tongue burning appetiser to go with the BeeHoon.

Fried rice. Filling, but a little bland. However, the smell is good. Meaning they had a good fire going for this dish.

All these, for four people, at a price of RM34.00. What more can you ask for?

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hot Saturday afternoon

This is the unhealthy junk I ate to keep me awake for the journey back. It's also my lunch. Yeap, full of sugar and fats. Oh, allow me the indulgence occasionally...

JD in his slumber... Isn't it nice, to be chauffered around, air condition at full blast in his face.

The journey was quick. Not that many cars, especially Singaporean plates. I suppose the long holiday's over. Everyone's back to work, to school, to start saving for the next big trip.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Exotic meal

I was brought to a quiet little town out of the city for dinner last night. One couldn't help but wonder what attraction this quiet little village had to offer.

It's a quiant Chinese restaurant. The food - exotic animals.
For the initiated, eating deer, ostrich or wild boar would be a normal thing. After all, it's readily available everywhere.

But what about squirrels? Bats? Snakes? Bear paws?

Yeap, this place has it. Good thing we went in a small group, and had to limit ourselfs to a small selection. AND, good thing they're out of Bats. Ewww.....

But we had squirrels, cooked with black pepper. No snakes. No paws. I know, it's restricted. Anyway, the chef made it clear, they don't go importing such stuffs. They cook what they catch in the surround forest. (Isn't that still illegal?).

Now a little review of the squirrel meat. (Sorry no photos. I didn't have my camera with me, nor would want to provide incriminating evidence of this deed).

First off, the thighs were so tiny, is as if we're having mini-drumsticks. It's passable as duck meat, if the bones and ribs were not so obviously cut. And the texture is not that much different from ducks. A little hard, stringy stuff, not much of a taste to be distinct.

As I was munching away, wild thoughts sprung to mind. Of the few notables, I wondered if there are any disease common to squirrels. Or how it was killed. Or how it was stripped of its skin. Or am I committing another great boo boo.

Thoughts easily washed off by large gulps of Carlsberg. Naughty naughty...

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Lord, My Saviour

One topic came up, whence I knew Joshua's a pastor.

Me, being a first generation Christian.

First generation, being the acceptance of Christianity NOT because the family were. I accepted, my family did not.

I didn't say tell him Dad was brought up a Christian. That his family lienage includes a Catholic nun. That's not my life. Simply, it's not related. It's a personal acceptance.

Joshua did hit some right notes though, as to what being a Christian is. I'm not going to quote him here, as what was discussed may be wrongly interpreted by reading.

I've not been to a Church for awhile. I liked churches. It gives me a sense of peace, of being in the midst of purity. That's what I'd like to believe. Doesn't matter the fact it's a congretion house. It's a place for those who believe to meet.

I've not been there, because I didn't feel comfortable amongst the fellow lambs. But I try my best to live my life as how the Lord would want me to; or how I think He would want me to.

Nonetheless, I was born a sinner, lived a sinner, and perhaps eventually, I might do enough good to earn the Saviour's sacrifice.

Knowing is one thing. Doing, is another. Praise the Lord. Amen.

Surprise visitor

I had a visitor today, from someone I didn't expect to turn up. It's been quite awhile since he last came.

Joshua lost weight. He's much slimmer since we last met. He's supposed to meet some clients around town, and had popped in early to visit. Pity, I couldn't get him any internet access. Darn wireless is not cooperating. Maybe it's his Vista's security at work, cos my Window XP could access without issue.

Oh well, anyhow, he got his stuffs done. Maybe we'll meet for a drink later.

One more thing. He's now Pastor Joshua! I'm happy for him.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The diners...

The smile of a clearly satisfied diner... :)

The introducer. He definitely knows his food...

The tongue in cheek does NOT indicate the food quality. She's just hungry...

Restaurant HK Street Cuisine

Cheng brought us to a favourite food hangout of his, in Bandar Baru Nilai. I'm going to introduce the dishes to you, which for four person, the bill came up to RM53.00. Quite a good deal...

The name of the restaurant. Not much of a looker, but the food.... Fuh Yoh!

Sambal Fish - sumptuous, delicious.

Oyster Baby Cabbage (Choi Tam) - It's different. Really...

Claypot Tofu - Check out the slices of spring onions...
Fried Spring Onion Chicken - This is a unique dish. You can see the fried onions, in a sauce that I simply cannot describe. It had a lemonish, sweet, sourish, pepperish tinge... Taste it to know.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Trip to Cineleisure and The Curve

Lindy and I were @ Cineleisure for Ratatouille today. Hey, it was a really good show. Gusteau says "Anyone Can Cook", a tagline for his cookbook.
I, believe it.

For lunch, we headed to Absolute Thai Nudle Bar. Here's what to expect: