Sunday, October 29, 2006

I got creamed, and rightfully so!

Argh! I got creamed by my friends last nite. I guess the news would have came out eventually, though I wouldn't had expected it to be so soon.

Yes, my dear friends. I'm in the midst of an early, beautiful romance. It began a month ago, and it's been a wonderful month for me.

Just read Jaimie's lengthy recollection of TL and Lena's wedding. Here's my thanks to this wonderful couple. As I sat there last night, it suddenly dawned on me (and many others) that we had not met many of each other for years. Really, it took a wedding of amazing proportions to get everyone together again.

Funnee thing is, the oddity of meeting ex and ex-es sitting around and talking to each other, while their spouse/halfs sat right beside. You know who you are. I'm glad to see how mature everyone were about it. You fellas are cool.

TL, you could really sing. That was a romantic gesture, and sure takes lot of guts to do. Worth it, right?

Now we wait for the next big one. Camelia's big day is fast approaching. And we'll be there.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The big big day!

Teik Lee! My heartiest congratulations to you and Lena.

Today's TL and Lena's wedding day. Right now, they'd be wrapping up the church ceremony at St. Ignatius. I'll get to see them tonight. Am so happy for them.

I've know TL since my mid-teen, and Lena a few years later. While not entirely close, I've know them to be dependable, good friends. People that can be counted upon when you need them the most. And to see this happy union after so many years, it gives hope to everyone that love still exists in this world. It is possible for great friends to become life partners...

Who's next?

Saturday, October 14, 2006

New URL linked

I added another URL today. Poh Chin's Blog, at Friendster. She told me about the styrofoam story when she visited me at Melaka. Hehehe.. still floating yeh?

PC, read about the car accident. Hope you're all ok.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy Mooncake Festival

As above, it's MidAutumn (Don't know where on Earth, but it's MidAutumn).
Pity, we Malaysians gotto celebrate it hazily...

Yeah.. yeah.. I'm one day late. I know! Can't help that, but then again at least I got to taste a slice of those oily goodies. Kudos to modernisation - Sambal Mooncake!?

What's the story behind this festival anyway? All I remember was the tradition of lanterns (from the quaint little candle-lit to the battery-operated with audio built-in), sipping chinese tea under the moon, munching on groundnuts...

There was something about this young lady who got upset over some stuffs, and decided to "fly" to the moon... and a rabbit was involved... folklore about the MidAutumn.

The mooncakes came about as an ancient means of espionage communication, of hiding messages in gifts of food, which brought about a major coup of sorts.

Don't know what brought about the lanterns, groundnuts and tea.... folklore.

TL messaged me this afternoon. To pass me the invite card I believe. Maybe I'll get to catch him tonite.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Short short weekend..

Argh... such a short weekend!

I lost half a day yesterday at the police station, accompanying a friend to regain back his car (which was "stolen" by another friend to pay off debts!). Such madness, and friends...

Roamed Low Yat again this weekend. Was on a mission to get replacement parts for my Toshiba.

Here's my shopping list:
Samsung 40Gb Notebook harddrive ~ RM180.00 (the original drive had bad sectors)
A4Tech Glaser mouse ~ RM45 (for a friend)
Epson Stylus printer cartridge ~ RM140 (for my dad)
Panasonic Cordless phone replacement battery ~ RM29 (for my dad)

And none of it's for me.
By the way, the Toshiba's for sale. Any takers?

It's a Satelite S2410, 512Mb Ram, nVidia Graphics card.
New harddrive, Samsung 40Gb, CDRW/DVD-ROm drive, SD card reader, Build in Floppy drive.
Original system disc is WinXP Home.

I'm letting it go at RM2,000.00