Friday, August 31, 2007

Potato Salad Recipe

Tonight's dinner. Yumm...

Merdeka! Merdeka!

Today's our National Day, declaring the Country's 50th year of Independance. Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Lindy and I celebrated our first anniversary today. I was asked, so how has it been for me?

  • I'm contented.
  • Happier than I had been.
  • I've learnt a lot, in particular patience and trust.
  • I'm still spontaneous.
  • I view my life differently.
  • I'm seriously preparing for a real future.

We kept our celebration simple. Mainly, there's not much places we can go. Also, I can hardly eat anything now, as my heel heals. But she liked it. I enjoyed it.

This is what an anniversary is really about. Reminiscing the experience, celebrating the achievement, being thankful for what we have.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Histopathology result

Went for a follow up check today. The dressing was changed, and I had an opportunity to see the actual damage to my heel.
(Pics in Flickr ).

The result:
"The nodule is composed of a basaloid proliferation of cells extending from the overlying squamous epithelium. The cells distend the dermis as columns and broad trabeculae, and the tumour cells are smaller than the squamous cells of the epithelium, from which they originate. Cyst formation is seen focally within these proliferating cells. In areas, the fibrous stroma is richly vascular. There is no evidence of cytological atypia and mitoses are rare. The lesion is incompletely excised."

In English:
A benign skin tumour.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Dinner at Pizza Uno, USJ Taipan

I finally ventured out of the house, ever since discharged from the hospital. Family went to Taipan for dinner at Pizza Uno.

Guess what, I hopped from the car to the restaurant, about 5 shops away. Normally, the walk would had not mattered much to me, being newsstands, lottery shops and a mamak.

Today, it mattered a lot. First, I garnered lots of attention, this "disabled" guy hopping along the corridor, holding a walking staff (Not stick. Too small to support me). Then, everyone gave way, with a most pitying kind of look. Even the guy who was yapping on his mobile interrupted his conversation, to apologise and move away to give me an obstacle-free path.

So this is what being limb-challenged is like.

I arrived at the restaurant, amidst stares from the patron, and the staffs. Maybe it's because I was sweating profusely in the cooling, air-conditioned establishment. Maybe.

Anyway, dinner was good. The pics can be found in the FaceBook link above, and in Flickr.


Recents of Jack Daniel Yee

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hungry Ghost Festival

This is a little chinese origami, to be burnt as offering to mark the end of the 7th month of the Chinese Lunar calendar.

In another word, the closing of Hell's gate, where the free-roaming "brothers and sisters" are to return to, after 30 days of semester break. Buddhists refer to it as Ullambana.

Uniquely, this is an ancestral worship tradition common to Asian, long before the introduction of Christ.

Besides burning offerings of Hell Money and worldly items, food were also offered. Some, to the extend of having dinner with extra seats and utensils set for the dear departed.

Friday, August 24, 2007

A scan of the get-well card that my office team gave me. Thanks girls.

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007

Check out this website. Thanks to Hsin Yee for letting me know.

For the avid photographers out there, grab your cameras - DSLR/Point & Shoot and head over to Putrajaya.

The website even gave some pointers/tips on taking fireworks shots.

Good luck!

Being challenged..

I'm starting to empathise with the people who were born limb-challenged, or at one point of their life, had lost the use of certain limbs.

Waking up this morning, I dreaded getting out of bed. I had to wrap the heel in plastic, avoid putting pressure of the heel, grab my towel, hopped to the bathroom for my shower.

Bathing was a real chore, with one leg propped up high. Pity my other leg, who's gotto support my full body weight (double the work). Finishing, it's another challenge to get out of the wet bathroom.

Changing is the next obstacle. I can't do it sitting, I can't do it standing. Ever tried to change your clothes while hopping around on one foot?

Next comes getting my gear (notebook, bag, phone) and myself down the stairs to the living room. Anyone who saw me would have had a good laugh. There I was, on my butt, notebook bag strapped in front of me, crutch in one hand, and I had to descend one step at a time, on my butt!

Once into the living room, comes the task of getting to the kitchen to prepare breakfast (I get cranky without my morning meal). Tsk.. tsk.. I wanna walk normal again.

As I'm sitting here, the thoughts wander to those who had to live their lifes like this everyday. Perhaps prudence made them choose a better environment, that is, if they could afford to. Who wouldn't want a single storey, disabled-friendly home, with ramps, things within reach and height.

Showering with a stool to sit on, no stairs. My heart goes out all of your.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

What's good and bad in the hospital

As the world embarks on the new economy, changes happen to the way people sell. Even hospitals sell, in particular the private ones.

My 2 nights stay at the Subang Jaya Medical Centre had opened by eyes to some very interesting revelations:

  • They strive for hospitality. From the moment you enter the lobby, you'll feel as if you had just walked into a five star hotel.
  • They treat you very well. The nurses and staffs smile a lot. They speak politely, they are kind. They are also quite attentive.
  • They want you to stay as long as possible. Even if you feel fine, they'll insist that you stay on another night. "Stay, and relax". That's what they told me.
  • They believe in learning by experience. I had so many student nurses come by to take my blood pressure, body temperature, heart beats. Not that I mind. :)
  • They take your feelings seriously. They talk to you a lot, especially when you're enroute to the operation theater. Of course, you'll have to be conscious.
  • If it's not an emergency, it can wait. Truly, the ER staffs were working very fast, even if it's to redress a wound.
  • Discharge is not a nice thing. That's what I felt, when time comes to discharge. I had to wait from 7.00am to 12.00pm just to get discharged. C'mon, I know it's insurance money, but 5 hours to discharge???

Nonetheless, I'd still recommend SJMC. The professionalism of treating patients are there. The quality of service and food is commendable. The staffs are truly friendly, even at 3am in the morning. Of course, upon emergencies, ya.

Photos from the heel ops

A note of warning. The photographs are not meant for weak stomachs. Click only if you're not squeemish. Consider yourself forewarned.

Fed, drugged, stabbed, sliced...

Checked into SJMC on Tuesday night. Good thing the pre-admission was done earlier. The insurance Company gave their Guarantee letter, and I was swiftly sent up to my bed, Ward 309-1.

The overnight was a formality, to allow for the insurance claim. Had I were to know the malady that I'm to face in time, I would had asked for a morning admission. More on that.

So I got into bed, with my Stuff and HWM August issues, a headset, plus Astro on TV. Fasting began. Needless to say, I cant sleep.
One, the bed is very uncomfortable, with it's PVC liners.
Two, I got a 2 bedded room and occupied it myself. The solitude is welcome. That is, until the nurse told me, it'll be occupied later tonight. She's expecting patients. :o

8:31pm, Day 1
Had my blood pressure taken. 120/70. I'm a healthy specimen. I watched both episodes of Prince and Me, all the Wah Lai Toi series, and finished my Stuff magazine.

Dozed off a couple of times, knew my eyes are tired, but the mind kept moving. Anxiety?

Patient checked in. Young lad blacked out while riding his motorcycle, crashed, boom, bang. The nurse was right. Creepy...

6:05am, Day 2
Another reading taken. 120/80. I'm cool.

I'm up, brushed my teeth, changed into the hospital gown (my butt's airy).

BP 130/90. I was told the surgery's at 8.30am. Still waiting.

The bed/trolley arrived. I'm placed on the bed, blanket over my arms, and wheeled to the Operation Theater on 6th floor.

Given local anaesthesia. Darn needle hurts, as Doc poked around my heel.
More waiting.

Dr. Nathan finally arrived, got me under the lights. Darn, the OT is really cold. I'm shivering whilst lying there. I was chatting with the Anaesthesis, and hardly 5 minutes into the conversation, Dr Nathan said done.

Back in my room. Lunch time. Finally, food, after a 12 hours fast.

BP 130/90. I'm expecting to be discharged. But BP's climbing.

Dr Nathan made his rounds. He's not happy with the high BP. Refused to let me go, as he has to take responsibilities for my well being. I'm to stay another night. Bummer...

Dad dropped by. Nice to get a visitor, though I vehemently didn't want any.

Dinner. Steamed rice, curry chicken, steamed vegetables.... the usual healthy stuffs. I want McDonald's!

Dad and Mum came by. They know I'm pissed cos I didn't get discharged. Bored, frustrated, miserable. Oh, and I've not showered since I checked in.

So, I spent the night in the hospital again. Good thing, MayLi, HsinYee, Kum Hon were online. I got to chat with them till 10+, I think.

5:00am, Day 3
BP reading again. It dropped to 120/75. I'm elated.

I'm up, raring to go. Cleaned,had breakfast, dressed.

Dad arrived. Still no sign of discharge. He went out to the nurse station, and suddenly a flurry of activities. I had my dressings changed (by student nurses, 5 of them). Nice.... ding dong ding dong.

I'm reading to go. Waited an hour, no wheelchair arrived. Yesh, I decided to just go. Dad took the bag, I hopped to lobby.

Guess what, I met Poh Chin and Justin at the lobby. She was at work (PC, you look so sweet in the office attire).

Home sweet home. I showered, grabbed a bite, sat down in front of the notebook and cleared my emails.

Called Dad. Not good. The blood is seeping thru the dressing, and it's dripping on the floor. Dripping, like a faulty faucet. Damn, I'm losing blood fast.

Back to the ER. Blood pressure 160/95. Yeap, that's right. 160/95. I blinked, and blinked.

Dressing was changed, and I'm released with additional rest till the weekend.

Monday, August 20, 2007

DimSum Breakfast

Tony and May Li

Terence and Poh Chin

Hsin Yee and May Chean

Our little breakfast group, at Onn Kee, USJ 21 on Sunday morning recently. In part an excuse for a little getogether, and also to meet Tony, the mysterious lad who won over our little Ms. May Li.
Hey Tony, it's nice to finally meet you. Keep in touch!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Performance Delivery and Industrial Relations

Yeap, that's what I was up to last week.

Stuck 2 days in Palm Garden Resort, IOI to learn about Performance Delivery, and Managing Industrial Relations.
Pretty deep stuff. I'd say Industrial Relation is quite a sensitive subject.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I was driving round an industrial site, seeking a particular factory lot, said to be available for rental. Earlier, the owner had confirmed the lot is being used, but with no signage presently. It's on Road 24.

So I went, driving round and round. There's Road 12, which enters into Road 20, Road 21, Road 22, Road 23. That's the last road.

Hmmm... maybe it's further down Road 12. I went out again, drove down the road, and arrived at Road 31. Strange. What happened to Road 24 to Road 30?

Between Road 23 and Road 31, is a gentle hill, filled with chinese graves! (My hair's standing on end as I write this) This can't be true. It's 11.30am.

I backtracked. Searched again. Nope, Road 23 is the ring road. There's no 24 anywhere. Called the owner again to reconfirm. The phone rang, and rang, and rang. No answer.

That's it. I better scratch this site off the list. Sheesh...

Friday, August 10, 2007


Sitting in solitude by the window

Church by a Gay

What is happening?

Today's newpaper, and recent times had featured Pastor Oyoung Wen Feng, whom had openly announced his sexual orientation, whilst attempting to lead a flock.

Are we in the right frame of mind to accept or denounce his teachings? I've not heard his sermons. No... but I ask, is he converting the sheep's faith, or converting the sheep's preference?

Is he in actual fact providing an avenue for normal people with a traumatic difference in life from the general others? By normal here, I stress my acceptance of people with an inward preference, not transvestites.

Whilst gay men are no different from the straight, I'll readily swing a punch at any tranvestite/cross dresser who comes near me and growl a greeting in mini skirts.

I had a gay friend. Only, I didn't realise he was that, all thru the 3 years of friendship. I meant, he was a normal, happy guy, with decent manners, and never once did he potray a weakness that rendered him more female than anyone else.

Perhaps it is not right for 2 men to be married, if by marriage, it refers to sex. But for 2 men to cohabitat, assuming roles of parent, while behaving perfectly like men, what's the wrong in that?

Practically, it's more a Malaysian thing too, isn't it? We live in a subservient existence, fighting for all the wrong stuffs, teaming up against all the wrong people. Don't you realize?

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Surgery coming up..

I was at SJMC earlier, to see Dr. Nathan, Orthopaedic.
He's confirmed that the growth on my heel is not serious, but agreed to excise it.

So, I'll be checking in end of this month, and it'll be gone overnight. nothing really too serious.
On the plus side, I'll be rid of this for good. I'm hoping this will be the only time I'm getting operated upon.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Makan-Makan Fiesta @ Holiday Villa

Was back in Subang tonight for the Makan-Makan Fiesta @ Holiday Villa. At RM46++ per head, we get a buffet-styled dinner, at all five eateries in the Club.
The rule, simple. You can enter each restaurant only once, and if the tables are full, they reserved the right to turn you away to another restaurant, or you can queue outside, or stand and eat.

The unfortunate part, each restaurant's left to their own preparations and organising.

The Inn of Four Seasons was our first stop. They served good food, mixture of Chinese cooking and DimSum. Staffs were helpful, food plentiful and restocked often.

The Cibo featured pasta, beef, lamb. No cheese! Again, staffs were helpful, but the dishes didn't come up to mark.

Seki Tei Japanese restaurant fared the worst tonight. By the time we got into the restaurant, the buffet table's empty. The sashimi counter's manned by one miserable chap who's trying to serve cold cuts, temakis and fending off offensive guests for not getting food to eat. The teppanyaki's nothing to shout about. But hey! Anybody there? The buffet table's empty!

We had to grab food while waiting in line for a table. Imaging eating tempura while on your feet. That's my sister, cousin and mum.

Palm Terrace Coffee House cum Coriander Garden had the best selection. Perhaps due to their experienced team of buffet servers. The Captain got us tables quickly enough and the food is constantly restocked. They even had time to serve us water, utensils, and coffee individually, whereas the rest of the restaurants expect you to collect them from the buffet table. Unfortunately, the oysters not fresh enough.

Father's had his quota of meat for the week... :)

All in all, it's RM46++ moderately spent. It's not often you get access to various cuisine for that price, but it's definitely not cuisine of any standards I know.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

It's Mine!

Yes! I've got it! The Canon Ixus 850 is now mine! (Sounds like an excerpt of what Voldemort would say..)

I bought my Canon Ixus 850 from the PC Fair in KL Convention Centre today.

The package:

Main unit, with 16Mb SD Card - RM1,270.00
Ixus leather case
30" Umbrella
Screen Protector
Metal Neck Strap (1')
1Gb SD Card (Upgraded to 2Gb with additional RM30.00)

All in all, I'd say I got ao good bargain. The list price is still RM1,499.00, and still not dropping. Can't say if it'll remain so after August.

Time to go charge up the battery and explore the camera.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Bhut Jolokia

This was featured in The Star, 1st August 2007, Page 38, World Section.
The Chilli Pepper is known as Bhut Jolokia, translated as the "ghost chilli" in the Indian tongue.

I quote the daily: "Anyone who has tried it, they say, could end up an apparition."

It has more than 1,000,000 Scoville units (the scientific measurement of a chilli's spiciness), and is officially in the Guiness World Records.

Across northeast India, various names are used, including "poison chilli", "king of chillis", "Naga chilli".
I've found a Scoville rating, on the types of chilli level that we've been taking. From the looks of it, if you're a person who starts gulping glasses of water when you take Tabasco, the Bhut Jolokia will definitely make a ghost of you. Hah!