Friday, June 29, 2007

Local Fruit

This is a local fruit, known by different names. It’s mostly available only during the Durian season.
In the local dialect, it’s called Buah Binjai, or Buah Kemang. In the Hokkien dialect, it’s pronounced as “GuLamPa” (in reference to a bull’s bodypart).
The smaller fruit on the left is the sour variant, while the longer fruit is sweet.

One key identifier of this fruit is it’s pungent fragrant, much stronger than Durians, or Quini (variant of mango). Most of the time, people steer far away from it, as the scent could be quite overpowering. Needless to say, a delicacy that appeals to a niche group.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Baby Seafood Restaurant, Klang

Steamed fish on charcoal heated steel plate, Thai-Style
Bowl of Spicy Tom Yam soup, to be added to the fish dish continuously
Pandan leaf-wrapped chicken, Lemon Grass spice
Mantis prawn, fried in oats
Beef stock Pork Ribs (Marmite)

This restaurant is located along a main road, leading towards West Port, Klang. It can be reached by taking the PLUS Highway, exit at Bukit Raja, and enter the next toll booth towards West Port. Restaurant is located on left side of road, couple of doors away from a 7-11 Convenience Store.

Best landmark is the Batu Belah National School.

The chefs are Chinese of Thai origin, hence the unique chinese cooking style that orients towards Thai.

Dish on every table, the Fish on Charcoal Heated Steel Plate.
Mind you, they place a pot of burning coals on your table, with the partially cooked fish on a steel plate above. You keep adding the soup/stock, the fish keeps cooking, while you savour the spicy soup.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Daddy, Happy Father's Day to you.

We know celebrating means good food, good drinks.

The dishes that we had:
  1. Pot of steamed seafood.
  2. Stock from steamed seafood mixed with vegetables
  3. Soft white tofu with eggs (simple, but really yummy)
  4. Roasted milk lamb ribs
  5. Braised Pork
  6. Salt-baked Talapia

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Office Security

Meet my new Office Security Guard.
Currently unnamed, since I've yet to figure out how to determine the gender. Anyway, poor fella's definitely lonely, as the partner floated this morning, and was flushed to the nearest sewage tank.


My sincere condolences, for the passing on of Collie, a very good natured friend and companion. He's had a good, fulfilling life; sheltered, loved, cared, fed...
It's unfortunate that he moved on due to Kidney Failure. That's a lesson learnt. Cut down on those KFCs!


I really really am fed up with these people. What's wrong with a little pro-activeness? What's wrong with putting in efforts to go FIND OUT things that they are unsure of?
Does "I DON'T KNOW" mean I do not need to do anything about it?
Am I to spoon feed every single darn thing to them for work to get done? What're they here for then???
I know, I know, with great powers, comes great responsibility. Shit! I'm a Branch Manager, not Spiderman!
Sheesh.... what a lousy morning.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Breakfast at Starbucks...

Ahhh... a truly nice Sunday, all the time to myself, to rant, to rave, to while away without a care... almost.

Family's all out of town. JD's peacefully asleep, keeping a half open eye on the house. Lindy's lazing away at her mom's. All business taken care off.... finally, time to myself.

Now, what the topic of the day? I've just gotten myself a new pair of Hush Puppies with the $100 voucher I redeemed from my Citibank Card (got rid of the card too....). A shoe a year, that's not too bad. B'sides, it's more of a rare thing for me, to shop for clothes. (Come to think of it, that's quite a nerd in me...)

It's interesting to sit here and observe the crowd. By here, I meant Starbucks, Sunway. I like their name. It's dollars and stars. Sure attracts the right crowd. Oddly, at 11.00am, the patrons here are mostly families having a late breakfast, or individuals online, doing goodness knows what.

Crowd starts piling in.

Today's special, Azuki Frappucino. What's
Azuki anyway? Sure sounds like an odd name for coffee beans.

Omigosh... 'cording to Wikipedia, Azuki (aka Adzuki or 小豆) is indeed a form of coffee bean common to East Asia and Himalaya. Azuki is a translation of the native Japanese name, meaning "small bean".

Duh! That's creative...

Anyone seen
Pirates? I did.

Not too bad, though nothing impressive to make it memorable too. Perhaps the boxoffice was an influence of Kiera Knightley, Johnny Depp, and Chow Yun Fatt.

I was chatting with KH last night; topic veered to
SLR cameras. I've had quite a few friends who uses a SLR to satisfy their creative needs, myself included. The difference, I grew up with a film unit, by Pentax. It was my dad's, and I believe it's referred to as the K series.

Seriously, anyone opting for a SLR, be it digital or otherwise, ought to consider carefully the uses and requirements first. Whilst there's no doubt that the unit carries a considerable optic range, good macro capabilities... there's also the all-time question of how much of the features are used by the casual photographer?

How many can truly say they experimented with the use of aperture and shutter speed? Do you know there's some very unique picture effects that can be achieved by manipulating these features? Try it. You'll realise a SLR can do wonders, which a compact can't. But You gotta learn to use it.

Me, I'm going back to basics. Thus you'll notice my intentions and research on the Canon Ixus series. Perhaps, when the day arrives that I do travel freely, freely as in clothes on my back, camera in my hand, I'll relook at a SLR.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Decisions, decisions

Canon Ixus 850IS

  • In Singapore, it's $649 (RM1457), with 2Gb card, 7.1MegaPix, Wide Angle lense, Camera case
  • In Malaysia, it's RM1499, with 2Gb card, 7.1MegaPix, Wide Angle lense, Camera case, Tripod, 12months installment without interest.

Canon Ixus 950IS

  • In Singapore, it's $649 (RM1457), with 2Gb card, 8.0MegaPix, Normal lense, Camera case
  • Yet to be sold in Malaysia

I've tested the Ixus 75. That won't do for me. It's too light, and feels horribly plasticky. Wait for another price drop, perhaps?


Yeap, I got my judgement, for being a non-stop eating machine. I received my blood screen report today. Boy, what an eye opener. Nothing like numbers in writing to get the message hit home.

I've got cholesterol issues. I'm 233mg/dl, against an ideal of 200mg/dl. Borderline is 220mg/dl. This is expected, seeing the fact that I've been consuming outdoor food 80% of the time. But then again, can't blame that factor. I chooses the type of food to eat. Sheesh.... time to cut down on lotsa stuffs.

The big No No for me:

  1. Quail's Egg
  2. Egg Yolk
  3. Cuttle Fish
  4. Squid
  5. Cream
  6. Clam
  7. Crab

Erk! Somebody shoot me please. There goes the joy of eating.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Changes to be made..

Change again. We evolve. That's what humans do. And by that, our thoughts change too. Something that we can believe in today, may be wholly unacceptable the next.

I see change everyday. One moment good, the next ugly. People change. People who sways to live up to the moment. People who makes it a point to sway to favours.

What do you do when it happens to you? How would your treat your alliance, who decides to play against you? Let today begone, and move on? Do we seek the blood to repay the thirst of vengeance? Do we live again like the amicable sheeps being herded?

What would it be like, had people been born honest and trustworthy? We'll never know, would we?

Sunday, June 03, 2007

JD's annual jab

We took JD for his annual jab yesterday, at the Healing Rooms, SS17 Subang Jaya.
It's a first for us (JD normally gets his jabs at Mayo Clinic, in USJ).

After our experience, I'd recommend Mayo, over the Healing Rooms. Dr Sylvia has a better approach to calming JD's nerves. Besides, the smell in Healing Rooms is horrendous. I really wonder if they actually practise good housekeeping in that place.

This blew of off RM170, for his vaccination and annual heart-worm protection jab. Ouch!

Congratulations to Wee Lian & Chia Yee

Hey Wee Lian & Chia Yee, our heartiest congratulations to you, may this part of your united journey be one of excitement, fulfilling and perfect always.

Eugene and Lindy.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Canon Ixus 75

Canon Ixus 75

I've changed my mind. Scratch the Ixus 850IS. After all, the specs are not that very different. Better to put the savings I get to better use, like the O2 Atom Life. Phew, what a dreamer, that one.

I'm going to get the Ixus 75. It's 7.1M, 130g, supports SDHC, and has 1/1500 second shutter speed. Good enough. I should be able to get good pics from this compact.
O2 Atom Life ~ The Centre of Your World

Yeah, baby! The Atom Life, now retailling at RM3,380 (gulps!). It's got the fastest onboard processor amongst PDA phones, stereo sound, 3G, HSPDA.