Sunday, May 28, 2006

Lazy weekend

Ah... finally, a peaceful and lazy weekend to sit around and do nothing.

It's the Chinese Dumpling Festival season again. As usual, I get to try my skills at wrapping the dumpling, filled with cubes of pork, chestnut, salted egg yolk and chinese mushroom. It's tough, as a wrong wrap would cause the dumpling to break open in the pot of boiling water, thus ruining the rest of the batch.

It's Lily's birthday today. Now this is a 30 year old, who doesn't look like she's a day over 25. Amazing.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Blunder... I'm not focussing

Am now at home, waiting to get to the O2 Service Centre. If only they were to open earlier. Then again, can't expect much of a retail outlet. Serves me right for choosing a non-mainstream unit to use. Thank Lord it's not often (I hope).

Looking at the schedule for today, I know I'm not going to be able to achieve much work today. Good thing I called the office today, got all the nitty gritty stuffs out of the way. I expect to get into the office by 4pm, if all goes well.

Terry, Josh, sorry for cancelling the plans tonight. Was looking forward to meeting you guys up. Actually, Josh didn't reply my SMS. Wonder if he's settled his Grandpa's funeral, or enroute south. Hope he got the message.

I called a client this morning to inform her of a change of dates for a project, only to be reminded that I had notified her last week! (Gasp!) What am I doing? I'm getting so disorganized without my PDA. Aaargh!

Sunday, May 21, 2006


Oh no! My beloved O2 took a fall this morning, and now had ceased to function. I can't get any display on the unit.

Aarrgh! This is a horror! What am I going to do? How am I going to survive? I've grown so accustomed and reliant on it, now it feels so so strange without my trusted aide.

Worst still, this is a really bad time for it to fall sick. Looks like I've to cut expenses in the next 2 months to ensure I don't fall into the red. Damn the sorry luck.

I'm pissed.

Relaxation, & catching up

My girls and I @ Langkawi on 13th May.
The second of my Getaways this year. Earlier, I took time off to visit the last state of this Country, and completed my circuit. Next year, it's another Country.

The island, as is known to all, is a haven for drinkers and Chocolate lovers. It's Duty Free!!! Which mean, eat and drink to your heart's contend.

As expected, the few of us whacked a bottle of Johnnie Walker, and a bottle of Absolut Citron over two nights. Needless to say it was a really good sleep, with many visits to the loo to purge. Being the only male there, I had the "honour" of carrying them to and fro the loo for their painful encounter with vomitting.

Why do we drink that much, when we knew the horrors of the next day?