Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Monday Morning Blues...

I'm on a loooong break....

Muah hahaha.... this is getting fun. I'm on two days' break from work. Coupled with the weekend and coming National Day, it'll be 4 days away from the office. Boy, now this is the kinda life I'm starting to enjoy. No work. No jam. No headache.

I'm gonna be celebrating 4 friends' birthday tonight. Got them the Moist Chocolate Cake, yummy. This'll be fun.

Actually, I splurged heavily today. Got a lovely necklace and locket for her. Belated birthday gift. Well, better that than to shop for handbags. I just can't make head or tail on those stuffs. Blew half K at one go. From what we shared, I'd say she's worth it. Hope she likes it, though.

I'm getting more and more attached to my O2. Got a new pouch for it, one that flips. Makes it easier not to have to pull the phone out every time I need to use it. Even saw the SDIO WiFi card that I've been looking around for. RM360 for a WiFi-b. That's a little on the costly side. No harm. Am gonna save up for it. Might get it cheaper from Spore, if KH actually called them for the price.

Mum's coming home tonight. I think we'll wait for her to take dinner together. I'm in no rush anyway. A little hungry though. Can hear my tummy growling now.

I've been browsing the websites, and noticed that I've really not have much interesting stuffs to look at. I really need to look for something to spend my time on. Love taking pictures. Maybe I should post my pictures online. That ought to be fun. Anyone can tell me where I can find a suitable hosting page for photographs?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

I'm Sick!!!

Finally, I'm back after a long hiatus to goodness knows where.

Well, to be exact, much had been happening in the past 2 weeks. I walked out of a not-too-long, not-too-short relationship (that hurts till now). It really makes me wonder what I'm hoping for in my past relationships? I thot settling down would be the next logical step, but hey! There's nothing logical in any male-female relationship. Expectations, maybe...

Took my boys and girls for the Annual Sports meet too. Quite a miserable show for us, coming back with only a silver medal for one event, of the many that we got into. Serves us right, yeh? Half-hearted in doing anything always amount to nothing. Let's see if they're gonna keep up this lousy attitude.

I've been ill the past 2 weeks. Longest I've suffered in many years. Cough..cough... sniff...sniff... what other misery do I need to go thru before life gets back to some form of normalcy for me?

What am I looking forward towards nowadays? A little bit of action here and there, I'd say. Nothing of the unhealthy sort, I've not walk that path, yet. Maybe some time off would do me some good. Wonder if the coming training course by the beach would suit the purpose well? I'm looking forward to the time away from the office. Then again, I'm still at work, aren't I? Sheesh.... If my boss reads this... hmmm....

I can feel my personal life quite hollow of late. Aimless. I need to do something, fast. Get some interest up and put the energy into it. I'm getting good at the table, but it's no fun to play alone. Practise buddy's only free on certain days, for certain hours only. What else am I gonna do with the rest of the time anyway?

Oh, was just flipping thru my notes and found a meaningful statement. The Definition of Madness, is to do the same thing and expects different results everytime. Cool!

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Misery hits the heart

I bummed out today. Gave up on a relationship that I had strived to gain and held onto for so long. She was indeed unique in my life. We clicked. Everyone said so too. What happened then? Why did it all went downhill so quickly? Why did the talking and telling stop?

It's really hard to understand what a woman really thinks. I've done my utmost to go along, to learn, to adapt. Now I'm back to living my days and weekends alone. I will not drown myself in sorrow. I do hope that she'll be able to pick herself up after this disaster. I'm to be blamed, of course. If only I understood her better...

Gonna head back out to work again tomorrow morning. Can't say I look forward to it, but I guess it's better than time to think. Least it'll be a short week. Night everyone...

Saturday, August 06, 2005

WiFi day!

Finally it's here! After months and months of longing and forlorn wishes, I finally got the house wirelessly onto the World Wide Web. Some help received, of course.

To go back to the harrowing experience of getting that. My sis, her bf and I decided to go bargain hunting at the Country's largest computer fair. Our hopes were high, knowing what we need, how much we're gonna spend.

First surprise comes from the "Full" signage at the KLCC basement carpark. Boy, people everywhere must be earning well, despite the so-called economic slowdown. The rates alone would have been equivalent to a 5* Hotel.

Second shocker, the whole shopping arcade felt as if the air-conditioning had been turn ed up high. Waaaay up high!

Thirdly, I believe all the IT-literate citizens and denizens of this Country had decided to turn up for the fair today. From the point of entry, we were shoulder to shoulder, riding with the tide. And I meant riding with the tide. We didn't get to decide where we wanted to go. Neither did the crowd. Basically everyone were being pushed and jostled along, bypassing interesting and loud booths without a chance of a glance.

In the end, we did get what we came for. That's after a couple of gallons of lost sweat and swollen toes. Next big thing that comes along, I'm gonna plonk in a little extra and buy it off the shelf. Sheesh!