Saturday, December 03, 2005

Office politics

It's time for me to rant and rave again.
People are always out for personal gains, don't you think?

I've had these 2 ladies (efficient team-mates) whom I had much care and concern for. They've done good jobs in my team all these while. Somehow, of late, a fellow colleague had crossed-division and started to draw close.

In a way, I realised now that I play a part in that. I've allowed this person to come into the group. To enter my realm and draw close. Now, it may be realisation too late.

To explain why there's the politics in place, the whole thing goes back a whole year. I've lost 2 good staffs, all eventually reappeared cross-division. Was that a coincidence of opportunity, or so well planned that I had been blinded all along? Right now, I fear losing another. One so young and fresh with us. One uncertain yet of the dangerous game that she got herself in.

I'm not a player in these games. I do not like the corporate tricks that so often goes hand in hand with climbing the corporate ladders. Here's the truth of climbing corporate ladders... It's not a matter of how good you are at your job, but how well you manipulate situations to your advantage... sigh.

First Singles.....

No.... it's not the real thing.
It's a self-recording of the song made famous by Josh Groban. The five of us got together to play and sang the track for a colleague's retirement. Quite a good effort, if I do say so myself.