Saturday, December 27, 2008

3 days to Old Man 2008

It's 27th December 2008.

Three days to the end of the year. Each cycle brings us back to the same concerns, same questions. What's next?

I've been chatting with some old friends to catch up on the latest news. There's been more marriage, and more kids abound. There's been promotions and more hook ups. There's been partying, and performances.

We inch forward day after day, all three six five of it, and finally arrives to the point where we'll start fresh again. Not that there's a reset button or such. No one really wishes for a repeat (or is there?)

It is said it'll be a tough year next. Everyone's tightening the purse and taking cautious steps forward. It's now the time to review what we've been doing and tweak the outcome. No big steps, unless you're darn sure of the results. (I sound like a feng shui master... haha)

I know what I'll be busy with. Save moolah. Lots of moolah. It's my turn.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Inniskillin Ice Wine - dessert drink

Figured this to be a fitting setting to pop open the bottle of ice wine. It's a good one, and highly suitable for an after dinner drink..

Bombe Alaska, The Making

Bombe Alaska dessert

Effects of lighted rhum

Carving the Smoked Turkey


Mum's gibblet stuffing

Cheng's chicken pottage chowder
Las Careta's Smoked Turkey (a darn good one at that)
Deep-fried back bacon

Oven-baked sausages

Cheese bread twist

Butter-fried hazel nuts

Mince pies

Cheese-baked tiger prawns

Butterhead lettuce with croutons salad

Me carving the turkey

All those efforts paid up in the end...

Making Christmas Eve dinner

Mince pie in the making..

Brandy cream for the pie...

Mum's gibblet stuffing...

Noodle lunch - quickie whilst at work..

Cheese bread twist

Chicken pottage chowder

Sponge cake

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Choong Fong Restaurant, Subang New Village

The progress into winter is often times celebrated with glutinuous rice balls... This restaurant had graciously served a complimentary bowl to each table on this special day...

This is a unique dish is not common. It's a vegetable called "tin chat". Somewhat slippery with a crunchy texture.

Long pork ribs

Thai sauce fried fish

Deep fried fish paste tofu

Friday, December 19, 2008

Meeting Ella Koon

Image courtesy of Wikipedia

Was talking an evening scroll at Sunway Pyramid tonight, with intent to get some last minute Xmas shopping done. Lo and behold I walked into a Meet The Fans session with Ella Koon.

For the unknown, she's an up and coming HK actress/singer, and she's here to promote her latest album titles Stages. Also, she's to make an appearance in the Super Trio game show at Genting Highlands tomorrow night.

I was observing her from the Mezzanine floor, whence she looked up and looked at me (I could've sworn she was looking at me..).

How could I be so certain?

Well, she looked, I smiled, and she smiled back.

There you have it. She was looking at me!

Images taken using the Zinc II built-in 2MP CMOS camera... oh well..