Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Missing in action

Hello again.

It's been more than a year since I last blogged. Blame that on the advent of Social Networking sites that made it ever so easy to update statuses, post pics, twit happenings, check-in locations....

Plus the fact that I've been most tied up with work, the bane of life. And in the last 9 months, the amount of travelling was like... phew!

So how do I blog the last 9 months, anyway?

Let's see. Last blog was back in March 2010.
Since then, I've traveled around the Country to conduct audits and training. Recently married, honeymoon was deferred to a later date.

October 2010
I changed role, and went Regional. It was a slow start initially, feeling my way around, getting the hang of the support role.

January 2011
New role got more active. I started travelling the Region.
First it was Indonesia, then Singapore. Then more Indonesia, followed by India.
Next stop was HongKong, then Indonesia again, off to Philippines. Then there was Thailand. I didn't get to step foot in Brunei, though I got them at Kota Kinabalu.

July 2011

Now I'm in HongKong and soon to head to Vietnam for a short visit after 3 years away.
It seems for the next 3 months, I'll be chartering to fro HongKong mostly.

So where else do I have? Let's see, there's Taiwan, Korea and China.
With these three, I would have set foot on all the Asian businesses, with exception of Japan.

They're always not in the list. Why is that anyway....

In the past year, I took up active trekking for awhile. It slowed, though parents are still active. Amazing what retirement can do...

I wonder when will I get to post again...

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Posting in anger

Its been awhile since I last blogged. Life had been exciting, full of variety and tasks. With exams fast approaching, deadlines everywhere, I can't complain more.

Then again, surprisingly it is a dumb arse woman that finally prompted me to sign in and start posting again. And for that, I must allocate a line for her. Kudos for being a hated road user, bane of drivers and embarrassment of the gender.

What happened?
She chose to exit a junction, block the road and made everyone wait a full traffic cycle, just so she gets a spot ahead of everyone else (Ching Ming's right around the corner, ain't it?)

So there you go.
Your 5 seconds of fame. Hope your colleagues and friends see this. Some good example you are.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Conversation with a Uni Grad

Ujin says:
    weekend apa plan? tak mau datang ambik angpow ka?
joevan says:
    nak nak nak..
joevan says:
    pos laju cannot kar?
Ujin says:
    nope. u mari ambik.
joevan says:
    but kor kor said go bac on thursday night o..
Ujin says:
    hohoho.... then tak dapat loh...
joevan says:
joevan says:
    pos laju..
Ujin says:
    nope. cannot pos money.
joevan says:
    can can can
joevan says:
    got wang pos de
Ujin says:
    kenot kenot kenot
Ujin says:
    want angpow mari angkat...hahaha
joevan says:
    okie i ponteng class go take angpow
Ujin says:
    okie, but i no ponteng work, so i reach home thursday nite only
joevan says:
joevan says:
    i go ur workplace take..
joevan says:
    u leave it at home
joevan says:
    i go ur hs take
Ujin says:
    kenot, you must wish gongxi gongxi to me only can take.
joevan says:
    i wish here
joevan says:
    take angpow
joevan says:
    at home
joevan says:
    at ur hs
Ujin says:
    kenot..... must shake hand mah
joevan says:
    u close ur eyes now n imagine
Ujin says:
    kenot laaaaa...
joevan says:
    can de can de..

Students nowadays....  haish..

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Chinese New Year 2010

Nostalgic moments

Our first CNY without Gramps. And after so many years, we're back in Cameron, the place that we celebrated CNY whilst growing up with Gramps. In some way it was nostalgic. Quite a pity that Lim Villa is no longer available. It would make quite a good closure.

That's my hand, doing the arsonist's job.

Dad lending a hand to get the fire going. Secret to a good BBQ is the heat, not the flames.
On right, the charcoals getting a good warming.

And at the bottom, the Perfect flame.

The food

The Cooking

Monday, February 01, 2010

Visitor at home

Little "squirrel" came visiting to parent's place from the neighborhood. He (I think) constantly visited for food, despite having been caught, released, caught and released again.

This time round, he's marked. You'll know its him if you see a *white little fella bounding down the streets. Hahahaa..Dad marked him white on the body, whilst the previous guy got marked *greeen....