Saturday, January 27, 2007

Useless "people"

If anyone had been following my blogs, you may be forgiven to think that I have some kind of low-sugar problem. What with all the rantings of Useless "people", time after time after time..

Truly, I really have problems with these particular race of "people". In fact, I'm in the process of seeking employment:

  • that do not require giving instructions to these "people"
  • that do not require selling anything to these "people"
  • that do not have such "people" like these in authority
  • that will not allow a Company to be jeopardised by these "people"

These "people" cannot work and cannot be trusted. And there are so few of such capable "people" around.

I really need to get away from here.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Happy Birthday to me....

This is it! I'm 30, officially.
My take of what's it like to be part of the ThreeOhClub:

  • For a brief moment, all joy was sucked out of me, realising it's now time for facing responsibilities, loss of care-free, care-not moments; for a brief moment.
  • Health, and fitness, is now an issue, not an option.
  • Celebrating birthday, is avoided at all costs (I spent it at client's place, earning my keep).
  • Club membership is gonna start growing, populated by school mates, housemates, childhood friend.
  • Old.

Then again, I'm not giving in that easily.Life, begins at thirty, right? Older and wiser, spicier like ginger, tastier like wine, wrinkler than prunes...

Many thanks to friends for remembering my birthday. I received all your messages. So so sorry if I replied late to you.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Speedy roads, bloody drivers

Truly, our Malaysian highway had improved tremendously, what with the on-going upgrades and expansion. By improvement, it's indicating a better ride, than before.

Then again, with progress, comes opportunities for many, and the mushrooming of more idiots. Our neighbours down south would definitely be raring to tryout our newly paved expressway. Little did they forget that with more lanes, it meant there's obvious difference between fast, slow and DEAD SLOW!

Would they ever learn that fast lanes have specific uses? If they're travelling at 110km/h, stick to the mid. The fast lane is for over-taking, and OVER-TAKING means going FASTER than the car on your LEFT!

Friday, January 19, 2007


It's been 20 odd days since I underwent the eye correction ops. Today, I was asked how my condition now.

Honest feedback? I'd say my vision's good, though I still believe my left has better focus than my right. Will know better once I go for my 3o days check up.

Experience-wise, there's more pros than cons to the treatment (no serious side-effects). Only thing that sucks is I seem to loose my line of sight where snooker is concerned. Back when I was wearing glassses, the frame helps me focus a straight line from point to cue. Now it's more guess work, since I don't really know if I'm looking straight, or slant.

Oh well, a good time to correct my aim, anyway.

TKit, if you're planning on doing it, go get the assessment done. You'll know for sure then.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year, New Resolution?

Happy 2007!

I was asked this morning, what were my New Year resolutions?

To think of it, I switched from 2006 to 2007 without really feeling the euphoria of celebration. Might be because I've had too much celebrating since Christmas..

Or perhaps, simply the realization that I've hit the big 30.

What's resolutions for, anyway? Every year, in and out, I'll decide to get something done, and along the way, it's either I forgot what it was, or some weird circumstances will bar me from it.

Still wanna put a resolute (is this how the word's used?) for the year?
Let's see....

  • Quit swiping the credit card! ~ There's no way the statement is gonna appear as ZERO, if I keep adding on to it.
  • Get fit! ~ I'm exercising. But I love food!!!
  • Stay young! ~ I gotta find a fountain of youth. Someone told me to laugh always. A little silly, but what the heck!
  • Change job! ~ Easier said than done. (Cammie will be laughing if she reads this. I owe her my resume since 6 months ago). But it might just happen this year. ;)

I think that's about it. Anybody wanna ask me to add anything else?

P.S. To Hsin Yee, the passing of a friend, is to be mourned. Mourn then, by rejoicing for the happy times, for the moments of joy that was had.