Wednesday, March 15, 2006

How fast time had passed...

Matang Waterfall, Sarawak

It's been 3 months since I last blogged. How time flies. In a mere 3 months, so much had changed.

A fellow colleague who joined the Company with me had left, in not so healthy a light. I must say that despite the fact that it was imminent, I had really wished it could have be done in a better way. After all, I believed this colleague would have made a better leader than I.

January had been a hectic month, with much Management trainings and product launches. February was short, and packed with the annual Sales Conference. What a wild night! I'd love to share the night with you, but the photos were simply not meant to be seen. The limitations of being a Mid-Manager. Sigh...

What's coming next? I've heard much, and seen much. Politics in the office is still rife, even if it miles away. If what was said is true, then my time is numbered. Whats next? What's next?