Saturday, February 28, 2009

Wee Nam Kee Hainanese Chicken Rice, Singpaore

On the last day of our holiday trip, this became the highlight. Apparently a well-known chicken rice outlet in Singapore, located a short walk from Novena MRT station.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Movie street...

Nothing much, just wanna share the sights of this street...


Leaving Taipei

Our departure...

Waiting for our Value Added Tax returns... enough to pay for our bites below.

They take recycling waste seriously. You're encouraged to dispose the unfinished drinks and place the used cups on the metal stakes. Clean waste...

Taipei Day 7 - Lunch at Ximen

One last meal before getting out of Taipei...

Mango sherbet...

Braised tofu... yummy

Deep fried pork meat with chili sauce

Braised pork rice... yes, again.

Cuttle fish soup..

What the Irish believes in Taiwan

Walk along Ximen street. If you ever comes across this shop, walk up to it and read the advertisement board on the right.

Enlarged, it says "Ireland's proverb says: There are two things in the world that can't be joked. 1. Marriage 2.Potato"

Taipei Day 7 - Starbucks

You'll be wondering why we're in Starbucks. The invitation of a warm cuppa cafe in 20 degree Celcius morning.... irresistable.

Taipei Day 7 - Donuts the Taiwan way

Don't know why, those little animals reminds me of a certain type toothpaste...

Chocolate filling.... yummy

Umbrellas anyone?

This is a really niche market... Amazing selections

Taipei Day 7 - Breakfast at Ximen

Finally, a real breakfast out of the hotel...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Taipei Day 6 - Footsie recovery

Note: Prolonged usage of lower appendages for mobility may cause severe pain and loss of mobility.

A darn good excuse to get a foot massage... and live to regret it...

Dip and clean in rose scented HOT water. It's cooked!

The master at work. He must be rather peeved that I refused to pay for an additional 15 minutes of package, by paying for more... and so he squeezed....

And squeezed...


End of torture... felt kinda good in the end... hehehee..

Taipei Day 6 - Shilin again...

Knowing what this place has to offer, we thought it'd make good sense to visit this street again the night before we left.