Saturday, October 22, 2005


Got this from a local daily.
It says that a certain dog owner shifted home, and had tied Sheena the German Shepherd to the old house for 6 months, neglecting to feed and water her.
His neighbour had been caring for her, only to find that the owner threw away the food and water each time he comes back to check on the house.

When caught by the authorities, he was fined RM100 (USD26) only! Damn! Given a choice, I'd love to tie him to that house and let him suffer instead. Poor Sheena was put to sleep, as her conditions were beyond medical care.

Who's the beast? Man, or animals?

Sunday, October 09, 2005

A slow and warm Sunday

What a warm day outside. I was planning to pay a visit to the IT centre and shop a little for softwares and see what's on the shelves. Sigh, had to scrap the plan. It's simply too hot to go driving across town.

Instead, I've been scouring the net for accessories for my phone. Guess what I found. My O2 is also known as i-mate?! How'd that happened? Anybody can tell me?

Nice, ain't it? I love the phone. Am having a hard time getting some accessories for it, though. Like a good pouch for it, or a SDIO wifi card. Maybe I gotto make a trip to Singapore and search a little.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Bz Tuesday

Phew, what an exhausting day. I've been running around trying to clear the sudden avalanche of paperwork coming down on me...

That's me from the recent Penang training. My graduation... and certificate presentation session with my M.D.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Malaysia Budget 2006

This, is the nation's sentiment at this moment. Everyone's feeling the pinch from the rising oil price. Everywhere we turn, it's always talk about stretching the ringgit.

No doubt, the Govt can't keep up giving the same subsidy over so many years, when everything else is going up. Smart choice to hit on gasoline. That's afterall, the very thing this Earth relies on. Everything else ties up to it.

Perhaps with this sudden change in lifestyle, a real wakeup call will be heard on the many careless spenders. I've seen too many people living their life with debts dogging their every footstep. Can a person really sleep well this way? I've had my share of burnt wallet too. Been trying to clear the credit debt that's been piling up. I really gotta start bugging the Company to reimburse my expenses faster, sigh...

Like Abba sings, Money.. Money.. Money....