Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy 2008

It's the time of the year again, to bid farewell to time gone by, and welcome the new. What's in store for us in 2008?

Before dwelling into that, let's take a look at 2007. I started the year full of energy, which quicky seeped out of me by April. Things weren't going all that great. Troubles here and there. At work, there's always excitement of sorts. New stuffs this, new people that... At home, it's a peaceful front. Hospital was a regular joint for me in 2007, having done off the lump of flesh in my heel.

Friends were all around, family's all supportive. I even spent some time travelling to Hong Kong and Macau. Did 2007 went well? I reckon so. I believe I've managed to achieve more this year, than I had in the past 2 years.

So what am I to expect in 2008?
Let's see...

~ A new Country to live in;
~ A new language to learn;
~ A new boss to work with;
~ More travelling;
~ Pressure to learn, fast
~ Pressure to achieve, fast
~ Lose weight (Somehow this resolution always rate high on many's list)
~ Learn patience (I did in 2007, but seems that is still insufficient)
~ Safe more moolah!

I think that's about it. The main aim - complete my task and return a Hero by Christmas 2008.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Damansara Village

We just had dinner at Damansara Village, reputed to serve "live" Pulau Ketam seafood. Ordered a set meal for 5 person, at RM119.00 which came with:
  • Choice of Pompfret, Snapper or Cod
  • 500gm of clams, 300 gm of Tiger Prawns, 2 pieces of Flower Crabs
  • 2 sets of Damansara Village ingredients (mixture of the usual steamboat ingredients)

No photos from this meal. Maybe next time. What made the meal so good was the freshness of the seafood served. Our prawns were still struggling on the plate when brought to us.

Wanna know where? Check out the link in the name above.

Cool canine

The you-ain't-taking-the-ball-away-from-me look.

Watch out you. I'm gonna wipe the smug off yer face pretty soon. Another day and you'll be the bald and skinny-looking frankfurt.

Gathering @ May Li's

May Li's potluck gathering... there's food, there's Vodka, there's Wine...

And there's Pictionary!

What's "bone idle" anyway?

Ukrainian wine - Sweeeet...

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Dinner @ Chili's, 1 Utama

I was given a farewell from some really, really good friends from the office (ex-office, actually). To top it up, it's also to congratulate a new Manager, eager to take the helm of the legacy I'm leaving behind. Hope it won't give him too much grief.
Kate Chong

CK Tan

Nicole Ong

The Dinner

The Dessert

Monday, December 24, 2007

Xmas Eve Dinner

Another round of home-cooked meal. This time I get to be the Chef; ie decide the menu., prepare the dishes, make it all look nice and Chrismassy.

I didn't make those cookies. It's courtesy of Cold Storage.

Nope, didn't bake this either. Check out Cake Sense in SS15, Subang Jaya for this.

My favourite - brussels sprout. It's got the bitter, crunchy taste of healthy stuff (I hope).

A relative made this. He baked the turkey for us, every year.

This I made - Baked salmon, in butter dill and white wine.

And I made this - Baked tiger prawns in white wine.

And those mince pies - a team effort by Jo, Cheng, Lindy and I.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fancy something bitter, yet healthy?

Located in Taman Megah, this place serves all sorts of chinese dishes with bitter gourd as part of the ingredient.
For a guy that dislikes the taste of bitter gourd, I found the dishes rather good. Somehow, they've managed to remove most of the bitter taste from this healthy vegetable.

Bitter gourd juice, anyone?

Noticed the bitter gourd in almost every dish?
The rates are quite reasonable, with the exception of the fish. The meal for 6 adults = RM100+

My Christmas Gift

I managed to coerce my sister for a Targus backpack for my travelling use. It's a compact little unit, suitable for 15" notebooks. Muahahahaa.... my early Christmas gift!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Kum Hon & Pooi Yee's Wedding Dinner

Strangely, I was at Kum Hon and Pooi Yee's wedding, but my camera does not have their pics. Can someone please send some over, pleaseeeee....

Lovely Ladies posing

The budding photographress

Happy couple... Just Married Too

Lovely ladies, again

May, "I wanna join in the chat!"


Steady... steady...


Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Food Binge in Ipoh

I've done it again.
Another weekend of food binge, this time courtesy of Cheng and Jo.
We started the day at Keng Nam, town centre for Curry Mee and Glutinous Sticky Rice with Kaya.

Next stop, Sun Up in Canning Garden, for the beef balls and fried soya skin (Fu Pei).

Lunch was at Pasir Putih (or was it Pasir Pinji), for the variety of fried wantons, eggplants, fu pei, turnip... Do visit Yum Yum Tree Kopitiam. The fried wanton is so good, it hardly has time to cool off before being grabbed by the hungry patrons.

Tea time, at the Old Town of Ipoh. A visit to Ipoh is incomplete without a good cup of Ipoh White Coffee, and the toast bread with kaya and margerine.

Oh, and we visited Buntong, where the supply of kacang putih came from. I'm talking about kacang putih by the kilos.... yum yum...

Dinner, involved a 45minutes trip to Tualang, where we had excellent seafood at unbeatable prices.

The Wat Tan Hor.... very well done.

Home made fried tofu.

Fried squids.

Steamed prawns in egg white and chinese wine. This is a recommended dish.

Butter fried prawns.

Chinese fried prawns. I believe they used Oyster sauce. It's quite sweet. Another recommended dish.

Herbal steamed village chicken.

Kum Heong crabs.

The succulent portion of the head, most unhealthy part, but the tastiest.

2003. A good year from Shadow's Run.

The live prawns at the front of the restaurant.
Altogether, RM247.90, for 7 adults. We had 3 kilos of prawns, costing RM55/kilo. I believe it's definitely value for money.

Next day's breakfast was at the Foh San, an old establishment famous for it's annual moon cake.

This is located not far from Foh San. It's run by two generations of family members, with most of the wares available only by phone order. They sells the Yuen Long Wife Biscuit (HK Style), Ham Tan Sou (Salted egg wrapped in lotus), and a myriad of other sweet biscuits.

Mid day meal, at the Ipoh Garden Stadium Food court. Look for the HK Chee Cheong Fun, ice kacang, fruit rojak...