Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Another slow slow week day..


It is another slow slow week day. Temperature outside is hitting close to 40C, with slight winds rustling the leaves. Temperature inside no better.

I've just reviewed thru 63 resumes, all online. What a nightmare... strangely enough, there's so many people out there looking for work. Must prepare for another influx of fresh graduates. Unfortunately, the choices out there are too slim for picking.

So what if the number of places per university had increased? Seems till now, they've still not managed to do much character-building in the future generation. No, scratch that. I should say, they merely reached a handful of minorities, where people development are concerned.

How would you feel, as an interviewer, when a candidate walks in late, couldn't understand english, couldn't understand questions aaaaannnd... allows his legs to twitch throughout the whole interview?

They don't bother to check up on the Company, don't even know what industry they are applying to, and have the cheek to ask for a four digit pay!

Or perhaps, I've been meeting local candidates. Yes, that could be it. Poor sods never had the exposure of professionalism. Didn't know what is called sophistication. The old adage sticks - Katak bawah tempurung.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Scour the web, see the world...

It's lunch break.
With not much else to do, besides munch on carbs, I decided it'll be good to scour the world wide web, and see what's happening.

First place to start - Other blogs.
I'm surprised to find stuffs I'd never expect to see, just by clicking "Next Blog" again and again...
Found a site about a trans-sex living in Manila... then another site popped up about a same-gender loving brother... then site about comics... then site about American Idols... then site about hot chicks online :o !...

Come to think of it, whatever it is that they blog about, it's basically their life. Their interests. No wonder today's daily claimed that political bloggers can write all they want, the number of readers are still small to have much impact. The phrase was "bloggers write for other bloggers to read".

Meaning, only bloggers read my posts. Only friends who knows I've got a blog would pop in occasionally to see what I'm up to, that is, if they're interested to know. Or sometimes, they'll pop in after being reminded to pop in... hah! Pop away!

I've been re-reading my very thick copy of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, in preparation of the launch of The Deathly Hallows.

Speaking of Hallows, I was arguing with a buddy who runs a bookstore, that there was a typo error in his advertising. I told him there was no such word as Hallows. Needless to say, he dragged me over to the dictionary section, and we started combing tomes after tomes of dictionary. True enough, only one had the word. And it's equally as unclear.... So to Ask Oxford I turn.

• verb 1 make holy; consecrate. 2 honour as holy. 3 hallowed greatly revered.
• noun archaic a saint or holy person.
— ORIGIN Old English, related to HOLY.

Hah... the amazing language of English. Another new word, which I doubt any of us would be using it much. Can't expect us to go round hallowing stuffs and people, rite?

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lobster dinner

One good thing that came out of the KK trip.
My parents brought back 4 fresh, succulent lobters.
Picture above shows the meal that we made:
  1. Cheese baked lobster
  2. Lamb in mint sauce
  3. Leftover turkey thigh - baked
  4. Wild mushroom + yellow corn soup (we mixed both)
  5. Hydroponic salad - crispy... yum...
  6. Fried potato skins with salsa sauce
  7. Mashed potatoes with yellow corn
  8. Garlic bread
  9. Pecan, Walnut and Plum pie from Strudels

Excessive. I know. For 6 people, this is mad. Besides, there's 2 bottles of wine (I must recommend the Lehmann, 2002, mixture of 3 grapes)

Worst thing is, I'm to go for my annual blood test coming Wednesday. Those Lobster roe is definitely gonna shoot my cholesterol off the roof!

Ahhh... yum!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gunung Tahan, anyone?

Speaking of hikes and treks, I've been informed of organised treks up Mt.Tahan, the earliest is in August.

Out of curiosity, are there friends out there who would like to make up a group for this trek? Normally, a group of 10 would be ideal, as the whole trek/camp would take up 4 days. There's plenty to carry, the walk is tough, the fun factor is high.

I'm keen. Anyone else?

Monday, May 14, 2007


What a bummer..

My parents are climbing Mt. Kota Kinabalu, the highest peak in Malaysia, this morning. I just got news that mother is felt dizzy, cold and her legs hurt. She's staying put at Laban Rata. She's not going to complete the climb to the summit.

Dad went ahead. Halfway up the summit, he dropped the torch. As usual, he trodded on, and tripped. Hurt his legs. Said it felt weak. And so, he turned back.
Good thing he's safe. Those cliffs are too dark for trekking without light. And one wrong step....

Right now, they're both headed back to base, enroute to KK town for a good rest. They'll need to nurse their injuries, sooth the pain. I know most definitely, they're disappointed for not reaching the summit. Nevermind. What's important is that they went up. Halfway, is better than nowhere. I've seen too many younger ones, who shudder at the thought. This is where guts and bravery comes from.

I've been there. Sis had been there. It was indeed very challenging to get to the top. But I had expected dad to be able to make it. After all, he spent an hour daily at the gym. For a 59ner, he's definitely fitter than I. If only he had listened and secured the torch to his arm.

I've been thinking since then. Perhaps, next year we climb as a family. We'll lookout for each other. Try to make the summit together. Right then. 12 months of preparation work. I better go get a medical check. Will my knee hold up for the climb?

CYoong's been there. Heard his toe is still black till now. Is he going to amputate it? But I know he'll say, it's worth it. We're not Everest material. Yeap, we're too soft for that. But for a softy, we've got the guts to go at it. It runs deep in our blood.

Bungee jump, anyone?

Invitation to Stuff 3rd Anniversary @ Zouk


I've got an invite for two, to Stuff's 3rd Anniversary Party at Zouk, 18th May, 9pm.

Anyone interested to go catch "...a few hot bodies...up close and personal with some beautiful models....catch the eye of our gorgeous cover girls...." drop me a message and I'll have it couriered.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

Joys of achievement

Ever shared in the joy of another person's success?

Today, a sales consultant of mine walked into my room, with red eyes, and the first thing she said was,

"Give me a hug"

I was naturally concerned, and wondered what happened to her. We hugged. She sat down, and blurted,

"I did it! I closed the first breakthrough sale of our new product in Melaka".

Ahh, tears of achievement. That explains it. I'm happy for her. I believe, in the 3 years that she had slogged in my team, this is the greatest achievement for her. Not only did she successfully penetrated the market, she had managed to get the product placed in a high profile residence, and at the same time achieved her highest sales record for May in Melaka.

Way to go, Fiona. Now you just keep up the momentum, and it's guaranteed that you will see your efforts bear fruit.

No one, other than herself and I, would understand the hardships that she had gone through to get this far. She saw her biggest career growth in her 10 years of employment, through me. She had to bear the harsh words, silence and ignorance by the top, all the whilst believing in herself and pushing harder.

Now, success.

It's momentary. It's for the day, the month. But she got it right. Now to keep going. To go where they had wanted her to go, but gave up. She must make it there.

"Ut sementem feceris ita metes" - As you sow, so will you reap

Friday, May 04, 2007

Sale! Sale! Sale!

To the Sales Addicts out there.... Yoo hoo!
Here's something you'll like - The Great Singapore Sale 2007
It's on from 25th May to 22nd July.

Thanks, Fabian for the tip.

Oh, and while I'm at it, here's the website to Uniquely Singapore.

New Word - Photonut

I learnt a new word today, courtesy of Fabian.


  • Wikipedia - none
  • Fabian - people who're passionate about photography
  • WWW - generally refers to Photo Nut, ie photographs of nuts; and websites
So what.
I like it. From now on, Fabian, PohChin, MayChean, CheeWee & CheeYoong are officially Photonuts! Hahahaha.....

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Anyone looking for work?

Anyone looking for a HR position, based in Labuan?
I was asked to put word out. Can't reveal much, but the fact that it's a good International Company.
Interested parties please email me.

Japanese Teppanyaki, or some yaki....

Warm Sake served in warm water (Duh!)

Warm Sake anyone?
We visited this dainty little restaurant selling Japanese food last night. Second time here, after Valentine's.
Liked the place. It's owned by a lady who had spent much time in Japan. Speaks good Japanese (she converse with her mostly Jap clientele in Jap), pleasant. Even have lots of novels and magazines from Japan.
Food's a little costly, by local standards. A light meal could come to RM50 for two, with 2 set dishes and a vege. That's minus the Sake too.
Oh, I was told Sake's good for health. Don't know how true it is, but I must say warm alcohol is certainly refreshing. It's actually rice wine, thus the taste needs some getting used to. In fact, I was perspiring by the 3rd cup (warm alcohol=blood rush)

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Strange people, strange happenings.

Do you meet lots of strange people around all the time?

Like the weird ones that snap at you for no apparent reasons, or the clingy ones that refuses to let go despite you asking nicely, again and again...

I've seen enough of such people. Some are really creepy (friend in reading would agree). More often than not, we'll try our best to avoid such people. Then again, you and I know avoiding problems doesn't solve them.

What can we do about them?