Saturday, May 23, 2009

New Beggar's Chicken Restaurant, Ijok

Truly, where food is concerned, no one can beat the Chinese at creativity. Even the destitute could come up with great cooking methods that gets penned in cook books (and history!)

We made a trip to Ijok, a northern part of the Klang Valley about an hour and half from KL. The attraction - Beggar's chicken.

Road leading to the eatery. Who would have guessed there's such a place to find good food?

That's business with an attitude. 3 days week, advance order, and with minimum pax criteria, or no food for you.

Goodluck finding the spot. Here's the GPS Coordinates: East 101°25'8.7", North 3°18'24.0".

It may not seem like much, but do remember this is a beggar's meal. Hence it's low price, large portion. You can feed an army with a couple of those rice packs.

Signature dish - baked chicken, and baked pork shoulder.

The chicken bathed in its own juice, nicely spiced with chinese herbs that warm the body.

Pork shoulder, the unhealthy portion.

Pork shoulder, the healthier version.

Baked glutinous rice. This is definitely the tummy filler. One bowl of this, and you'll feel bloated right thru the whole day...

Very large serving of vegetables

Prawns, spicy and really great (this ain't a beggar's dish)

Stuffed fish. Interesting way of having it. Imagine this, you catch the fish, gut the fish, pound the flesh with spices and flour and stuff it all back in.

For a table of 7, it's RM188. And the meal should have fed at least 10. Needless to say, we couldn't finish the food. (Leftovers dinner again...)

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